The Unexpected Miracle

Justin Bieber, the new kid in school doesn't fit in very well. Every one thinks that he's the little nerd that everyone can just pick on. When one popular girl gets teamed up with him for a school project, will she see his real personnality?
*COMPLETED! Sequel out! It's called: "If You Spread Your Wings"!*


9. Drastic Turn

Taylor's P.O.V.

The last couple of weeks with Justin have been amazing, but, since yesterday, he seems quite distant. 

He still talks to me and everything, but he just doesn't often like he used to.
And being my curious self, I had to find out. I just can't stand the fact of not knowing it. It irritates me. 

Not looking where I was going, I bumped into James. 
Why can't I bump in any other person? It would be so much more cool.

"Hey babe." He smirked.
"Let me go." I squirmed under his grip. 
"Or what?" He pushed me against a locker.

People were staring, and I had never felt so scared. He took it too far.

"Or I'll beat the shit out of you." A deep raspy voice growled behind him. 
I saw a glimpse of Justin. Shit, shit, shit... He can't beat anyone, it might turn like the other time.
James just laughed. If he only knew.
"Justin, don't, it's fine." I said quietly.
More and more people were circling around.
"No, it's not." He hissed, pulling James off of me. "Don't you ever touch her again, or I might have to beat you to death. Understood." He said angrily, towering James, who was slightly smaller. 
"Try me." James smirked.

That idiot! Justin, Oh my God, what's happening, I'm freaking out.

"Justin, don't!" I screamed.

Too late...

James was on the ground, under Justin, as he was currently beating the shit out of him. His eyes weren't honey/caramel brown anymore, they were pitch black. 

"Justin, enough." I boomed. 

He stopped straight away. He got up, took my arm in his tight grip leading me outside. I didn't question since I was scare as hell. I'm freaking out, it's not a joke anymore. 

He was about to make me climb in his car when I came back to my senses.

"What's with these past two days?" I spat.
"Nothing." He hissed harshly. 

Ouch. That hurts...

"I'm not taking a step further until you tell me." I yelped. 
"I don't have time for this. Get in the fucking car." He growled, his eyes getting darker every second.

I'm getting scared... Don't show it Tay, don't show it...

"Neither do I. So either you tell me or I'm leaving you right there." I spat, venom in my tone. 

His eyes slowly turned back to their original colour, letting my words sink in. He fell down to his knees, crying, his head in his hands. 

"He's back, and he threatened to take you." He mumbled in my neck.
"Who's back Justin?" I asked quietly. 



I'm getting scared with my own story :P
Read my new FanFic please :) It's called "Love Will Remember"! 
It's a bad boy JB love story ;)

-Audrey :]


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