A Dream come true

okay first of this fanfiction may be short im not sure if its a fanfiction but it is my first if u like it pls ask for more and ill try to get more!

Emma and her best friend Lauren have just graduated from a fashion college, They have been recommended to be a wardrobe desighner for famous bands.
When the two best friends get assigned for wardrobe designers for One Direction they head over heals for Zayn and Harry....
But that causes some drama..
Will the girls choose a job? or love ? or maybe both?




"Just a little blush to bring your eyes out and clear lip gloss to have sparkle in your lips" Harry was so cute I wanted to kiss him so bad but i couldn't I put the lip gloss on his lips he rubbed them together it was so cute


"hmm what?" shit I must have been day dreaming

"I ah was wondering are we done?"


She looked so hot when she was putting the lip gloss on my lips to mke her want me I rubbed my lips very slowly to dragg it out I asked her if I could give her something meaning a kiss but she was just glaring she asked what i said i just made up an excuse asking if we where done..

"Um no I have to put this blush on and then where done" She smiled and sat about a rulers langth away from me she lent over I thought it was a sign for a kiss so I did what I had to do

"Harry I need you to suck in your-" I cut her off and kissed her she was stunned at first but then she started getting into it but not tht far because she pulled away and finished with the blush but there was a problem when i kissed her she had the blush in her hand and it spilt on my ehite button up shirt

"SHIT I'm so clumsy!" I just laughed and looked at my top she started unbuttoning my shirt i was just smiling when she swiped it of my shoulders she froz staring at my shirtless body


Oh my word did Harry have abs! I was taking of his dirty shirt but I froze my eyes widened Harry just laughed and grabbed a top that was lying around and put it on

"like what you see?"

"aha!" I had to answer I just had to

"You will see it tonight if you come out with me:D"

"um ...... okay!"

"we have to go"


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