A Dream come true

okay first of this fanfiction may be short im not sure if its a fanfiction but it is my first if u like it pls ask for more and ill try to get more!

Emma and her best friend Lauren have just graduated from a fashion college, They have been recommended to be a wardrobe desighner for famous bands.
When the two best friends get assigned for wardrobe designers for One Direction they head over heals for Zayn and Harry....
But that causes some drama..
Will the girls choose a job? or love ? or maybe both?


5. Make up, hair, clothes and drama


"Okay Harry Emma can help you with make up and Lou go with her aswell also Niall!" I was in a hurry I had to get the clothes for Liam and get Zayn's hair and make up done...

"Lauren I'm going to get changed Zayn is in the make up part over there waiting" Liam said finding his outfit and walkinf of I was confident that I was okay but as I walked to the make up area I got a call from an unknown number-


"Stay away from Zayn okay you work for him but he is mine!" I was freaking out I ran to the make up area and I put the phone on hold

"Zayn someone is threating me to leave you alone listen

*back on phone it on loud speaker*

"Hello what do you mean?"

"I mean Zayn Javvad Malik is mine you can never ever talk or look at him unless its part of work"

Zayn looked furious he snatched the phone and spoke

"HEY SAM!" how did he know it was sam?

"ZAYN I was just giving Lauren advice  that varsity-"



I was furious she can't threaten my love I yelled at her for ages and with that growl I hanged up

"Zayn.." She had a shock look on her face I knew what she was going to ask but I had to wait for  the right time

"Lauren we should hurry I need to be on stage"

"oh right" She looked hurt when I told her that for the rest of the time she didnt say a word nor look into my eyes I could see tears fall in the reflection of the mirror each time she turned:(


Zayn hurt me I was going to ask him out but he cut me off I also wanted to ask him about his love?

I couldnt hold in my tears..

"Lauren are you-"

"Go Zayn your ready you can on your stage!" I snapped he tried grabbing my arm but I ripped it out and walked out the room


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