A Dream come true

okay first of this fanfiction may be short im not sure if its a fanfiction but it is my first if u like it pls ask for more and ill try to get more!

Emma and her best friend Lauren have just graduated from a fashion college, They have been recommended to be a wardrobe desighner for famous bands.
When the two best friends get assigned for wardrobe designers for One Direction they head over heals for Zayn and Harry....
But that causes some drama..
Will the girls choose a job? or love ? or maybe both?


1. Graduation

"Emma Jones for graduating at the Fashion College estate of London completeing and moving forward with the catagorie of Wardrobe Desighner" Said the young lady at the front handing Emma a certificate,

"Also completeing the Wardrobe Desighner Catagorie Miss Lauren Harper" she also handed Lauren a certificate as the to young girls stood side by side smileing of how proud they where in completeing another step in there life...




The girls where headed to there seats on the train Emma was well ahead as usual and Lauren was hanging her head down her eyes connected to her Iphone checking twitter until she bumped into someone..

"HEY?! that was my phone!" She screamed as she looked for her phone on the floor

"OH SORRY I was um im sorry I am usualy concintrating I ah-" The British voice was cut of by Lauren

"Save it honestly I was being selfish for yell...." she died down as she looked up and saw a tall dark brunett boy standing front of her smiling.


OMG i have never seen such a good looking boy! he looked my age im 18 he had a black T-shirt on and black skinny leg jeans..

"You seem surprised do i have something on my face!" The good looking guy said as he panicked and hid his face

"No you dont im just so shocked i thought you where your just so ah-" OMG what was i doing im stuttering like no tommorow!


"Im Zayn, Zayn Malik from one direction hey I know you your from the Fashion estate in town right?"

"Ah yes im Lauren Harper my friend and i are travelling to London.... OH MY GOD!"

I loved her voice and her brown eyes with chestnut hair flowing over shoulder

"what is wrong?!" God i think she has noticed im crushing on her so bad her eyes widened as she peared over my shoulder

"My friend Emma she is kissin a guy look third row to your right!" I swished around to the direction Lauren was explaining and no surprise there was harry making out with a skinny girl waering a tight black dress

"Oh dont worry thats my mate Harry you can call him hazza and im guessing thats emma?"

"Yeah wait what?! So that who she was talking bout last summer emma met a guy named harry and they dated but then they had to go there seperate ways"

"Yep Harry was talking about her last summer"


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