A Dream come true

okay first of this fanfiction may be short im not sure if its a fanfiction but it is my first if u like it pls ask for more and ill try to get more!

Emma and her best friend Lauren have just graduated from a fashion college, They have been recommended to be a wardrobe desighner for famous bands.
When the two best friends get assigned for wardrobe designers for One Direction they head over heals for Zayn and Harry....
But that causes some drama..
Will the girls choose a job? or love ? or maybe both?


2. Bye...

"Great meeting you Zayn and you Harry" Said Lauren while picking up her bag.

"BYE Zayn and Harry its great to see you" Said Emma turning bright red and giving harry a peck on the cheek

"Um yeah bye Emm-" Harry was cut of by a tall blonde racing over it wasnt just any tall blonde it was taylor, Taylor Swift

"Oh boy hey Emma and Lauren ill take your bags with you!" I said panicking i knew who that girl was it was Harry's girlfriend she was a right nutter sometimes but a good friend people have posted pictures of harry kissing a girl meaninh Emma he is well in trouble.....



Why did harry panick when he saw that girl then zayn went wierd and lead me and Lauren away?


"Yes Emma i know"

He was blocking it but why i think it was cause of Lauren she was here but still updating twitter on her phone i swear that girl is addicted.


I have to make an excuse that would drive Lauren to go oh i got it!

"Hey Lauren there is more reception over by the fountain you go there, Me and Zayn have everything" She would for sure take that she has to have reception or it is worl war 3

"THANKS agh bye Zayn" She ran off towards the direction of the fountain with out looking back


"Care to explain?" Asked Emma in a stern voice with one eye brow raised and her arms crossed...

I can see what Harry wants from her she is a sassy one

"Thats  Taylor Harry's soon to be ex girlfriend by the looks of whats going on over there"

"WHAT?!" smooth Zayn now you have one girl lashing at you with questions and soon Hazza is gonna flip for telling about Taylor agh im messed up though i think of her alot not Taylor nor Emma.........


Its Lauren her eyes sparkle each time she laughs she is so gracefull the saying is true you know LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT



"YOUR A PIG HARRY I TRUSTED YOU!" I CANT BELIEVE HIM he has gone of with another girl my eyes are stingy with pain and anger

"TAYLOR YOU SLEPT WITH TAYLOR LAUTNER I THINK YOU CAN CALM DOWN!" Harry didnt just use that I was happy with him not harry Taylor he made me happy!


"FINE HAVE FUN!" Harry screamed he didnt have pain at all he looked relieved that i broke it off what have i done oh god

"FINE... wait what? no harry im sorry i love you harry !!!!" I stood there like a goof he wasnt coming back i was left there all i had in my mind was what have i done? replaying in my head like a broken record...

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