4. Questions

Mr. Hold was in a robe, obviously just waking up. I looked around the house. There were a bunch of cardboard boxes everywhere, full of all kinds of junk. There was carpet everywhere as well and even with all of the boxes covering it up you could still see multiple stains all over it. You could tell that he was a smoker by the strong smell of it. “Sorry for the mess. I wasn’t expecting company anytime soon.” He said, probably noticing the look of faint disgust I had on my face. “So Harry, what did you want to talk to me about?” “Oh yeah, well, I read online that you went into the clock tower across town and I wanted to know what it was like and anything else you found out?” “Oh Well, I see that you have found out about my little secret. And yes it’s true.” He said with a look of astonishment, which I’m guessing was from my “big” discovery.

 “So, was there anything weird about the place?” I asked. ‘’Well there is a key hidden in the lantern on the side of the tower that will open the back door. It’s the third lantern on the left.” “Really. How do you know if it’s even there anymore? Wasn’t the last time you’ve been there like twenty years ago?” I asked confused at how he knew exactly where it was even though it was so long ago. “Oh, well why would anyone take out if they don’t know it’s there?” I nodded slowly making sense of it and I saw a look of relief pour over Mr. John’s face. “Well, thank you for everything but I must be going,” I said. I needed to prepare for the evening’s events. Then Mr. Hold added, “If I might ask, why did you come over to ask me this? Most people don’t really bring this topic up.” “Oh, I um, found it interesting.” I said trying to avoid the topic without flat-out lying. “Okay. But please, if you need anything, please come over and I’ll help you with whatever you need.” Mr. John, as I called him then, escorted me to the door. I pulled my hood up again and walked back to my house.

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