8. Playing Games

I had called John to meet me at the old abandoned warehouse down the street so we could solve this “privately”. He agreed and I left right away, wanting to get there first. I jogged and got there in about two minutes. When I walked in I could see that John had already gotten there first. “Well I see you figured out my little secret,” John said, the gentleness and wisdom that were once in his eyes gone. “It wasn’t that hard to figure it out the way you covered up your tracks,” I retorted. “I want my father back and you will give him back to me.” “Oh, Harry. If I didn’t want you to know I would have kept it that way. If you want your father back all you have to do is play one more game and then it will all be over. You can both win and get your father back, or you’ll lose and I win.”

 “Fine. What is the game?” I huffed.  “All you have to do is answer one question. What comes twice in a moment, once in a minute, but never in a thousand years?” I knew the answer, it was the letter m, but it couldn’t have been that easy. There had to be a catch. “The letter m,” I said expecting something to happen. “Congratulations. You win. Your dad is in there.” He said point to the only closet in the room, with an unreadable expression on his face.

I walked to the closet cautiously, expecting something to happen, but again I was wrong. I opened the door. The room was huge. It took me about 5 minutes to search the whole thing. My dad wasn’t there. He had tricked me. I ran back into the other room. John was gone. While I was frantically searching I guess I hadn’t heard him leave. I walked home half-heartedly. John Hold’s car was gone and I was pretty sure it was going to be like that for a long time.

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