2. Big News

 It all started about a month ago. It was a Thursday, so I was at school. In my math class we were about to take a test that was worth half of my grade and I really needed to ace it. Of course I had forgotten to study, being the lazy person I am. I was so relieved when a teacher called me to the counseling office. I thought they were just going to hassle me about my falling grades, but I was wrong. Instead of going into the counselor’s normal office, they took me to the very end of the long hallway. I’d never even been down that far. I walked in and saw two unfamiliar faces.  Both men were very tall and had menacing but concerned expressions on their faces.

 “Hello, Harry. Please sit down. We have some troubling news for you to hear,” said one of the men. “Why am I here and who are you?” I asked uncomfortably.  “It’s about your father, Peter Grant. He’s been missing since 8:00 this morning. We’ve been searching for any motives and suspects, but there’s nothing yet.” “How could this have happened! Is there anything I can do? I need him back,” I choked out. My throat was swelling up and I could feel warm streaks of water falling down my face. Soon I had started bawling my eyes out. My counselor tried to cheer me up, but I knew it wasn’t going to work. Dad was the only thing I had left in this world and I wasn’t going to lose the person I needed and loved the most. I stood up shakily and started walking to the door. I wanted to leave to find him. I could tell that the two men didn’t really care about my father. I was going to have to find him myself.

“Where are you going?” the man asked, standing up to come after me. “I’m going home.” “I’m sorry, but you can’t do that. Since he was your only legal guardian and relative and you’re underage, we’ll have to send you to a foster care facility.” “Can I at least spend my last free day in my own house?” I pleaded. “Sure, but someone from foster care will be there to pick you up.” “Thank you.” And with that I walked out. Out of the room. Out of the school. And out of my mind. By the time they came by my house they were going to realize that I wasn’t there. I was as far away from that place full of happy memories turned sad as I could get. I thought I could’ve found him by myself and so off I went; looking for any sign of my dad. Every night though, I would come back to the house at night.

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