You Make Me Go Asdfghjkl;

15 Year old Olivia Grace is the most popular girl in school. She's drop dead gorgeous and can basically get any guy she wants to fall for her.But Olivia doesn't exactly have the picture perfect life. Ever since her parents died in a fire when she was 7, she's been living with her abusive foster parents. Olivia's been taking out her anger on Harry Styles, the school's geek. But after the two are put together for a school assignment, will Harry find out about Olivia's not so picture perfect life? Will Olivia find out about Harry's little secret? Will Olivia finally going to stop tormenting Harry?


3. 3.

My last class had finally finished, and I started walking toward the front gates where Harry and I would meet. UGH! I really did NOT want to work with him! He's so geeky and everything. It's totally going to bring my reputation down. 

Speaking of Harry, WHERE THE HELL IS HE? I've been waiting out here for nearly ten minutes! 

Just then I turn around and I see a head of curls walking my way. 

Today is going to be horrible...!

"H-hi" He said. 

"What took you so long?" I replied rather annoyed. 

"I-I'm sorry. I was w-with some f-friends" He seemed rather nervous when he said this. HAHA WAIT! Did he just say friends?! 


"Can we just get going please?" 

"F i n e e e, let's go then" 


We started walking towards the parking lot. Wait the parking lot? Why were we walking to the parking lot? I thought we were busing it to his flat. 

We stopped in front of a very nice looking car. 

"YOU HAVE A CAR?" I asked pretty surprised. 

"Yup" He replied casually. 

"But I thought you were poor?"

"Uhm no...." 




It was a fifteen minute drive to his house but to me those fifteen minutes seemed like 20 hours! Yeesh! 

We pulled up to a very nice looking house. Wow when Harry said he wasn't poor he wasn't kidding!

His house was so beautiful! Nothing compared to mine... 

We both stepped inside and we were instantly greated by a middle aged woman whom I guessed was Harry's mum. 

"HARRY" She yelled giving him a hug. "How was school?" She said while turining a little.

"Mum, not now please" Harry pleaded . He looked pretty embarrassed and I tried to hold back my laughter. 

That's when his mum spotted me..



"Harry who's this? Is she your girlfriend?" Harry's mum asked kind of smirking in between.

"MUM!" Harry exclamed his face turning a bright shade of red.

"Uhm no, I'm not his girlfriend. We're working on a school assignment together." I replied quickly since Harry was clearly too embarassed to speak. 

"Oh" was all his mum, a hint of dissappointment in her voice. 

"Well up we're gonna head upstairs and get started on our project" Harry finally spoke up. 

"Alright, let me know if you guys want any snacks. No funny buissness up there you two!"

Now we had both turned a shade of bright red. Wait, why was I blushing? I didn't even like Harry. Did I? 

No no no no no. I'm being delusional! I can't like him!

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