You Make Me Go Asdfghjkl;

15 Year old Olivia Grace is the most popular girl in school. She's drop dead gorgeous and can basically get any guy she wants to fall for her.But Olivia doesn't exactly have the picture perfect life. Ever since her parents died in a fire when she was 7, she's been living with her abusive foster parents. Olivia's been taking out her anger on Harry Styles, the school's geek. But after the two are put together for a school assignment, will Harry find out about Olivia's not so picture perfect life? Will Olivia find out about Harry's little secret? Will Olivia finally going to stop tormenting Harry?


2. 2

Olivia's P.O.V. 


"Omg F I N A L L Y! What happened to you? You went M.I.A" Yelled Abby from down the hall. 

"Shut up fag, you know exactly why I'm late" I smirked at her. 

"What class do we have next?" I asked her while walking down the hall towards her.

As the popular girl you'd expect me not to really care about school right? Well I'm Like the total opposite. I'm a straight A student. Weird huh? 

"Drama. I heard we were getting partnered up for some stupid project" She said

"Ughhhh I hope we get put together!" I said to her cheerfuly 

"I doubt that. You know Mr.Moore knows that we never get any work done when we're put together!" 


Ugh time for class I wonder who my partners going to be. Hopefully it's someone good. I don't wanna get stuck with any unpopular dorks.




"Alright class take your seats" Mr.Moore instructed us.

I walked over to my seat which was unfortunatly next to the geekiest kid in school, Harry Styles. Stupid seeting chart. 

"Did you have to come to school today?" I snarled at him. 

"I'm s-sorry." He stuttered. 

It's so funny how he's so afraid of me. He never had the nerve to tell anyone about me taunting him because he knew he would just make things worse for himself. Smart kid. Hmm how else can I torture this kid? I snapped out of my trance as Mr.Moore's voice filled the classroom


"Alright class I have this big homework assignment that I'm going to give to you. It counts for 60% of your over all grade so if you do not complete it you will fail my class understood? Very well, over the next six weeks you and the person next to you have to write a script for a play. The plot can be anything you like. You must also memorize the lines you wrote and act it out in front of the whole class."  


Person sitting next to you? Oh gosh that was Harry! I did NOT want to work with him. 

"WHAT" I shouted while jumping out of my seat. 


"Mr.Moore can I PLEASE work with someone else?" 


Harry looked somewhat hurt, but I didn't care. I did NOT under any circumstances want to be stuck with that geek.


"No Oliva, you can not switch partners" 


"But Mr.Moore you don't under-" 


"Olivia I said no and that's final" 



Harry turned over to look at me and of course I was forced to give him my attention.

"D-do y-you want to meet up after school?" He studdered at me. Gosh that gets annoying sometimes. 



"Y-your p-place?" 

"NO we uh can't go to my place. Let's go to yours instead?" I'm not gonna lie, I freaked. I didn't want him to find out about my foster parents.

"Y-yeah t-thats fine" 

"K i'll meet you after school." 


There was no getting out of this ugh. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad?


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