You Make Me Go Asdfghjkl;

15 Year old Olivia Grace is the most popular girl in school. She's drop dead gorgeous and can basically get any guy she wants to fall for her.But Olivia doesn't exactly have the picture perfect life. Ever since her parents died in a fire when she was 7, she's been living with her abusive foster parents. Olivia's been taking out her anger on Harry Styles, the school's geek. But after the two are put together for a school assignment, will Harry find out about Olivia's not so picture perfect life? Will Olivia find out about Harry's little secret? Will Olivia finally going to stop tormenting Harry?


1. 1.

Olivia's P.O.V.


*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* ( 6:30 a.m) 

Ugh my alarm. I hit the snooze. Another five minutes wouldn't hurt anyone right? 

*One hour and 20 minutes later...* 

I was awakend by the sound of my phone going off. Who was calling me? 

"Hello?" I said into the phone, tired as hell. 

"Olivia where in the world are you?" My best friend Abby practicaly yelled. 

"I'm at home why?" Wait shit! School! I overselpt. I'll be there in 20 bye." I replied. 

I was going to get it. 

I quickely changed my outfit and did my make up. I ran downstairs watching my every step carefully so that I wouldnt trip. I quickly stopped  when I saw my foster dad's shoes. 

"Aren't you supposed to be in school you little skank?" He yelled at me. Ouch that hurt. But what can I say? I was used to it. He treated me like shit. 

"Yeah but I accidently over slept" I replied quietly. 

"Lazy ass twat" 

"I'm sorry! It won't happen again I pro-" I was cut off by my dads left hand across my right cheek. Thats gonna leave a mark. 

"Get to school!" 

"But I-i  m-missed the bus" I studdered out. C-could you please d-drive me?" 

"Me? Drive you? HAHA You have feet. Walk your ass to school"


Great, now I have to walk myself to school. I'm going to be even more late! But what else would you expect from a deamond like that right? 

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