Olivia Potter and the Boy That Lived

Olivia Potter, a Ten-year old girl with ankle length pure black hair. When Hagrid comes to give her brother, Harry Potter, his acceptance letter, Olivia gets a letter too! But she's to young! Or is she... Read and find out!


1. The Girl That Lived!?

Olivia's POV
Green, a big flash of Green. I heard a high pitched laugh and a scream. "Olivia! Wake up!" I heard my brother yell. "OLIVIA!" I sat up straight and hit my head on his. "Oww!" We both yelled as I fell back into bed. "Sorry..." I said, looking guilty. "It's OK." He sighed. I looked up at him a saw the worried expresson on his face. "What were you dreaming about?" He asked. "Er... Um... Nothing!" I lied. He looked at me suspiciously, but didn't say anything about it. "Let's go get some breakfast." He said. I nodded and followed him.

We walk out of my room, which was across from the cupboard under the stairs that he slept in. "Good morning Oliva!" Aunt Putunia said to me, ignoring My brother. "Mornin', Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Dudley." Uncle Vernon grunted in reply. Dudley's eyes were glued to the tv, so he didn't hear me. Breakfast was eggs and toast with bacon. I put my egg on my toast and time a bite. I giggled as the gooie yolk dripped down my chin. I toke a bite of my bacon. "Uncle Vernon! You burnt the bacon, again!" I wined. "Oh, shut up. You little snob." He growled. "Whatever." I mumbled. I finished my toast and went to get dressed.

I got dressed In a lime green tank top and torn jean shorts. I brushed my long black hair and put it in a high ponytail. I walked out of my room and saw Dudley blowing up aliens on his conputer. I found my lipstick on the counter and put some on. I grabbed my small black purce and walked out of the door. I walked to the bus stop and waited. I started thinking, Aunt Putunia always told us that my parents died in a car crash. I touched the scar on my nec, it was a lightning bolt,like my brothers. I had the best brother ever. Harry Potter.
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