An average girl from london england who works for a magazine company called " Believe". Her editor and chief Kennedy who hires Marley to get "the scoop" on everything One Direction. Marley has to go through a mountain of lies and betrayal in order to keep her job and her friends. this story has many twist and turns, ups and downs so i hope that you are ready for a thrill ride.


4. The Meeting

It seemed to take ages when they finally came for intermission ! I was walking toward the waiting room looking at the pictures with the camera in one hand and drinking my coffee with the other when then BAM out of no where I get bumped into coffee gets all over my white dress and my camera is completely shattered and drenched in coffee. Before i even looked up i said "Dude what the hell! Are you kidding me really ?!' and then i looked up and there standing in front of me with those curly brown locks and those green eyes looking back at me was Harry Styles.

"Oh my god I am so sorry!!" said Harry as he took the sleeve of his shirt and started to try to wipe the coffee off the top of my dress. I looked down and snickered as Harry Styles was wiping spilled coffee of of my chest.

"Umm its ah.. its okay no big deal" when really it was a HUGE deal! all of my notes and all of my picture where ruined! I bent down to pick up the remains of my camera when i met hands with someone, thinking it was Harry i lifted my head up to tell him that i got it. But when i looked up i didn't see Harry looking back at me it was a blonde haired blue eyed guy. It was Niall.

"What  happened here?" Niall asked as he stood up from getting the camera.

"Oh nothing big just sorta ran into someone" Harry replied.

"Nothing big? Harry look at her dress and her camera there both completely ruined!" Naill said. " Is there anything that we could do to help i think we may have some spare dresses from Elenore in the back. But as for your camera i don't think we have any of those"

"Oh no its okay i was just about to leave anyways " i said.

"Oh that's to bad" Harry said.

"Yeah but i have a job to get to in the morning but anyways nice to meet you!" i said as i turned around and walked away

"Wait!" i heard someone yell i turned around to see Niall running after me

"Whats your name?" he asked

"Marley, Marley McCann" and then i left.


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