An average girl from london england who works for a magazine company called " Believe". Her editor and chief Kennedy who hires Marley to get "the scoop" on everything One Direction. Marley has to go through a mountain of lies and betrayal in order to keep her job and her friends. this story has many twist and turns, ups and downs so i hope that you are ready for a thrill ride.


1. The Job


As i am sitting in the leather chair in my hopefully soon to be bosses office, i am thinking about how this is my once in a lifetime opportunity the one that i have been waiting for! All of my dreams about being a famous photographer for the magazine world of "Believe", are sitting in front of me in a tan folder on Mrs.Kennedy's desk. I feel as if i have been waiting for an hour as i listen to the sound of my fingers constantly drumming on the table. I look back up at the clock its only been 5 minutes, then 10, 15, 20 and at 25 the door opens i jump up and turn around as a tall woman in a black pencil skirt with a blue blouse and black hair comes through the entry way. I panicked not quite knowing what to say so as an idiot, i held out my hand. She just looked at me for a long moment as in she couldn't see me, and then thank the lord she shook it. She went back to her desk and sat down reading through my folder, she didn't say anything. I could feel my heart beating as fast as my fingers tapping. Just as i stopped tapping, she looked up and smiled. that relieved me a little bit... Right then and there she gave me the most amazing new of all.

"As your first assignment", as she started, "you will be going to a one direction concert. I need you to get the inside scoop on them and their love life." I  froze, not quite sure what to say.

"Umm.. of course! whens the concert?"

"This Sunday at seven. i will need you to be there early so you can be there for your backstage tour and try to reel them in." I walked out of there casually with a cheesy smile on my face hoping she wouldn't notice that i didn't want to be a creeper to the boys. If anything, i wanted to be friends with them.



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