An average girl from london england who works for a magazine company called " Believe". Her editor and chief Kennedy who hires Marley to get "the scoop" on everything One Direction. Marley has to go through a mountain of lies and betrayal in order to keep her job and her friends. this story has many twist and turns, ups and downs so i hope that you are ready for a thrill ride.


3. The Concert pt.2

When my alarm went off I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Once i finished I went back to my room and changed in to my outfit, I looked back at the clock constantly although the time didn't change much between those periods of time I was so excited to go and meet them! I went to my radio and put my Rocky Horror Picture Show album in and turned it up loud, I danced as I walked down my stairs to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast.Time seemed to pass VERY slowly! So i spent my time watching old time James Bond movies, and then finally it was time for me go! I grabbed my camera and put it around my neck and then I grabbed my ticket and backstage pass and put them in my bag and with out further of due i was off.

Before i went into the concert i went to go and get a coffee I would need my energy for tonight. Once I got to the stadium i went to the backstage entry way I showed the security my pass and they let me through . The line was super long!! And it was moving really slow! About halfway through the line all of the paparazzi were told to go watch the concert and that they will be about ready to preform. Well I somehow convinced the guard to let me stay backstage. I got some amazing pictures and while I was waiting for the boys to come back I even interviewed the security guard  he told me about how such an honor it was to work with these talented young boys. 


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