An average girl from london england who works for a magazine company called " Believe". Her editor and chief Kennedy who hires Marley to get "the scoop" on everything One Direction. Marley has to go through a mountain of lies and betrayal in order to keep her job and her friends. this story has many twist and turns, ups and downs so i hope that you are ready for a thrill ride.


8. I Wasn't Exspecting That ... At All


Well the I'm laying in my bed lightly sleeping, and then i rolled over to my right and then...

"Good morning " said a voice My eyes flung open.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed and I did something out of pure scared ness I threw out a punch and my hand concted to what felt like a cheek bone.

"Ow! God damn it Niall why did you tell me to do that !" the person who seemed to be a guy said. Wait wait wait hold on a minuet , did the creepy guy in my bead just say Niall? Then that was when I actually looked that the stranger in my bed to see that it was Harry Styles?!

"Oh my god you're Harry Styles!" I said

"Yeah I know that" he said, and then someone started laughing and it wasn't Harry and it sure as hell wasn't me I turned my head to see Niall Horan at my door!! "Oh shut up Niall "Harry said throwing one if my throw pillows at him, it hit Niall and just bounced lightly off his chest.

"Well that wasn't very nice" Niall said.

"Niall is she up yet?" a voice from downstairs called

"Yeah Louis why?" Niall called

"Ask her where the bowl-" Louis started to say and then there was a shattering sound " Oh wait never mind"

" What the fuck?!" I said they both just looked at me it wasn't untill then I saw someone sitting in my leather chair sleeping it was Zayn .

"Well that's not nice language now is it?" Zayn said waking up

"Okay is this a dream? I have got to be dreaming!" I said getting up and out of bed.

"No you are very much awake" Niall said.

"Okay we'll if I am really awake tell me how you got in my house!" I said and then I heard something else break from downstairs . So I pushed past Niall in the door way and ran down stairs to see 3 broken bowls and 2 broke coffe cups. "Ah!" I said putting my hands on my head and scrunching my hair up with my hands!

"Oh , hello there love I'm Louis and this Liam " Louis said

"Louis I cut my hand and blood got in my Cheerios !" Liam said making a sad face. And then next thing I knew I was being pushed down the rest of the stairs by Niall followed by Harry followed by Zayn once we where completley off the stairs another thing broke. I looked over to see Louis picking it up and Liam pouting about his Cheerios.

"STOP!" I yelled "Someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?!"

"Well after you left from the concert I realized I still had your camera so there was a number and a call number at the bottom of It so I called it and it said it belonged to a "Marley McCann" and then it gave me your address and I thought that you would need this back and Harry really wanted to see you because I think he has a you know" Niall said the Harry thing quieter than the rest.

"Just because you cover your mouth dosent mean I can't hear you" Harry said

"Shhhh! Let me Finnish my story" Niall said waving off Harry "so we came here this morning and pushed the called buttoned told them who we where and they let us right up so I told Harry that it would be cute if you woke up to his face I never real planned on you hitting him" he said that covering his mouth from Harry

"I can still hear you!" Harry said sassily

"And then Louis broke stuff so you came downstairs saw Liam almost crying listening to me say this and still not noticing your just in your underwear and a big sweater " he finished and I looked down and he was right I wasn't wearing any pants but I had spandex on and a big sweater so I didn't care all I cared about was- I got cut out of my thought by another thing breaking

"Sorry " Louis said

"Stop touching everything!" I said walking over to Louis trying not to cut my foot open and then Louis started blabbing about who knows what. "Shut up! Okay just shut up and let me get my coffee!" les just say I am not a morning person so I opened my cupboard and got out the last good coffee cup left and put it under my Keurig coffee pot and sat down.
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