Hello c:

Hi in Emily in a huge Directioner and I'm bored I guess I'll use this to tell you a little bit about my life so kinda like a biography ^.^ hope you enjoy and don't think I'm boring (:


2. :3

Hola! I'm Emily its nice to meet you i guess haha ;D my life has been pretty good it could be better but its still good. I have had my ups and downs but i am still here and stronger than ever (hopefully) >.< I have been bullied... I'm random, strange, weird but all those things just makes me... ME ^.^ i am probably boring you so i guess ill write another time when i have written a rough draft or something ha i don't know how to do these type of things. It will mean a lot if y'all can give me some tips or something that will help a ton.


Thanks for ready this and i hope you liked it  ^.< 

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