You want me to

after being tortured for years Liam Payne shows up...... my life is suddenly meaningful.


2. The breakup

As my Grandparents picked me up I sat in the car thinking and waiting until I can just go home and lay in my bed until I can think straight. My grandpa said, '' Taylor why do you have a bruise on your face?'' I had a mini heart attack and said, ''While I was at Tammy's house I tripped on her little sisters doll and landed on cement.'' and my grandpa had a suspicious look and said, '' Are you sure? Because Tammy told me you have a a problem with your boyfriend. She said you were getting beaten. '' I just fell apart. I told my grandpa everything. He said this was a serious problem and he needed to call the cops. I begged him to change his mind but he could say no to anything. We arrived at our house and had a serious talk. It was around Christmas time and my grandma had just finished decorating the house when she noticed my face drenched in tears. My grandpa told her every last detail and she cried. She rushed to the phone and called the cops. I ran to make her hang up but My grandpa stopped me. I ran to my room and panicked. I called Tammy and she said to calm down and my grandma calling the cops on him was a good thing. So I hung up and called my boyfriend Darrel. After I told him he screamed and threatened me. I panicked and decided that he would find me. So I told my grandparents I were to sleep in my friends for the rest of the week. I knew it couldn't be Tammy because he knows her and knows where she lives. So I decided to stay at an old friends house. Her name was Katy and we used to be best friends. Darrel didn't know anything about Katy so I decided to call her up. She said yes and I quickly ran to her house witch was a block away.

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