You want me to

after being tortured for years Liam Payne shows up...... my life is suddenly meaningful.


3. Guess Who


July 29, 2012 Wolverhampton, England

As I went to Katy's for the week I thought about the breakup more. It's hard to believe all that could happen in 1 day. We shared everything and she was really worried. She said I could stay with her until everything is sorted out. We decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to get in touch with nature. We saw something crazy going on we saw a limo with a whole crowd of girls screaming their heads off. We asked one of the girls what was going on and she could hardly breath. She said Liam Payne was visiting his hometown. Me and Katy were very big fans of One direction. We started acting crazy! They escorted us out of the way so Liam can drive to his house. We decided to go home and just do what girls do. Until we saw Liam entering the house across us. We couldn't believe it! Liam Payne from One Direction was staying in the house across us!! We wanted to go and meet him but we could tell he was tired of all the fans. We tried to think of a way to meet him without annoying him. We thought and thought but nothing came to out minds, until Katy's little brother Adrian burst in the room and demanded to make him pie. He was only 7 and could eat anything. Then we thought of the same idea at the same time.We made 2 pies. One for Adrian (blueberry) and one for a warm Wolverhampton welcome-back kind of thing. We made the best pie both of us had ever made or seen. We made it chocolate because we know if there was one thing Liam wants to eat for the rest of his life, its chocolate. We went across the street while it was still hot and knocked on the door.

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