My Princess.

Having to live with the fact that your best friend left the country without saying goodbye and never contacting again is difficult, but when that best friend was Niall Horan and now you have to hear about him and see his face all over the media because he's one fifth of the biggest boyband in the world is even more difficult. But what happens when Niall decides to take a couple of months off to finish school back in Ireland? Will he remember his once called 'best friend' or will Hallie have to live as if they've never known each other? When two people really care about each other, they will always find a way back to each other. But, is this the case for Niall and Hallie?


5. You what?

Hallie's P.O.V:

"Its me what? Niall, what are you talking about?" We were just staring deeply into each others eyes. After about 20 seconds he spoke again. This time he said something I never expected to hear from him again. "I remember. I remember it all." I didnt speak, instead I stood there, still shocked. Then he spoke again. "Hallie! I cant believe it's you. All these years I knew I was forgetting about somebody, I just knew it. But, how could I forget you? We did everything together! The sleepovers, the movie nights, the birthday parties, the lazy days, everything. I-Im sorry!" His eyes started to fill up.

"Niall, I dont know what to say. You left. You never even said goodbye. Every single day for the past five years Ive waited, waited for one call, one message, anything. But I got nothing. Do you know how much that hurt me inside, knowing that the person you lov- I mean, uh were best friends with left without goodbye, without reason and without answer. You tore me apart and then you come back and dont remember me? I never thought you were like that Niall. What happened to our promise huh? Best friends forever?"

He stood there, a tear slowly trickled down his cheek. I had seen Niall cry before, many times but never, ever over me. He wiped the tear away and caught his breath before talking again. "Hals, let me explain please?" He used to always call me Hals, it was my nickname but only he was allowed to call me that, same way that I was only allowed to call him Ni. "What Niall? Nothing you say can make me forgive you from what you did."

Niall's P.O.V:

I needed to make her forgive me. I cant let her go, not after what weve been through as best friends. When her dad left, I helped her through it and we got through it together. She meant so much to me! "Hals, that day I was leaving for X Factor I couldnt say goodbye to you. I couldnt say goodbye because I knew that goodbye sometime means forever and I couldnt bear the thought of never seeing you again because letting you go is like letting food go, you cant survive. If I saw you that day, I probably wouldnt have went or it would have made it ten times harder to leave. I wanted to contact you, I really did but I couldnt and you know why? Because I was afraid. I was afraid because if I talked to you, I would have told you what I always wanted to tell you and I knew that would ruin our intire friendship. All because I-" I cut myself off.

"Because you what Niall?"

"Because I-I-"

"Spit it out Niall."

"Hallie, I-I love you."

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