My Princess.

Having to live with the fact that your best friend left the country without saying goodbye and never contacting again is difficult, but when that best friend was Niall Horan and now you have to hear about him and see his face all over the media because he's one fifth of the biggest boyband in the world is even more difficult. But what happens when Niall decides to take a couple of months off to finish school back in Ireland? Will he remember his once called 'best friend' or will Hallie have to live as if they've never known each other? When two people really care about each other, they will always find a way back to each other. But, is this the case for Niall and Hallie?


12. The story.

Hallie's P.O.V:

"It all started the day Niall left for X Factor. I was completely crushed. Ever feel like your heart was just broken into a million pieces? Well, that's how I felt when he left. It wasn't the fact that he left that was making me so upset. I was so happy for him when he told me. I mean, who wouldn't be happy that their best friend was on the X Factor living his dream? I was really upset because he just left, Zayn. No goodbye, no phone call, no text, nothing. There hasn't been a day that has went by over the past few years that I haven't thought about Niall and waited for the day that he'd knock on my door, or that phone call, or that 'I'm sorry.', or even just that 'I've missed you.' But I got nothing. I was left without any contact, without answers but mostly, I was left without my best friend. I loved Niall with all my heart. I always had and for him to just leave like that it felt like I was losing a part of me. And with so much untold, that only made it worse. That day I was going to tell him that I loved him. I was scared that he wouldn't feel the same but I had to do it. And when I got to his house, he was gone...for good."


I began to tear up, but not letting the tears fall. "Hal, are you okay?" Zayn asked taking my hands again. "You don't have to finish if you don't want to!"

"Yeah, I'm okay." I gave shot him half smile. "No, I want to!" I assured him before taking a deep breath and continuing the story.


"After that I just sat in my room all day, everyday. I didn't talk to anyone, not even my mam. I completely shut myself out from the world. That was until Tyler came along. Tyler was the most popular boy at our school. He was almost 2 years older than me. About 3 weeks after Niall left, Tyler started talking to me. He made me feel special, like I was loved, like I was wanted. Boy, was I stupid. At first, Tyler and I were just texting each other. Then, he finally asked me out. I was so excited and I began to feel like I was getting over Niall. That was until he brought me to Nandos for our date. That's where me and Niall always went and when Tyler took me there I broke into tears halfway through our date. I explained to him why I was crying. He then took me home and we kissed. He told me that for our next date he would bring me somewhere else, somewhere special that we could be alone. I was so excited, I thought my life was actually getting back to normal but yet again, I was stupid."


I felt a tear or two fall but I wiped them away quick. Zayn squeezed my hand tighter and I looked up to him and shot him a second half smile. I took another deep breath and again, continued the story.


"Two weeks after the date at Nandos, Tyler picked me up in his car and drove off. We were driving for what seemed like an hour before the car came to a sudden stop. I was startled at first but calmed down. I asked Tyler why we had stopped. I turned to face him in the car and when I looked at him he had this grin on his face, this evil grin. The one that I will never forget for as long as I live. Next thing I knew, he was ripping my clothes of. I couldn't stop him Zayn, I really couldn't. I tried and tried but it was just no use!"


I was sobbing into Zayn's shirt. He had his arms wrapped around me.

"Shhh. Its okay. It's all over. You're safe now!" He reassured me while rubbing circles in my back.

"It doesn't stop there, Zayn." I sniffled before sitting up and facing him again, still not letting go of his hands.

"It doesn't?" He asked. I nodded no. "Well if it makes you upset, you can tell me another time. I don't want to push you to tell me Hal." He was so caring. But, I had to tell him. I've kept it in for too long and I know I can trust him.

"No. I need to finish this." I replied. He just nodded understandingly. I wiped away my tears, taking Zayn's hands again and finishing from where I had left off.


"He didn't listen to me when I said stop. He just kept taking off my clothes, he kept going. He, he r-raped me that night. But that wasn't the end, oh no, that was just the beginning! As he was driving me home, I was shaking and crying. He stopped the car down the road from my house and told me to wipe away my tears and to act normal. He then told me that if I told anyone, he'd kill me. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be killed so I did as he said and I walked into my house wearing a fake smile, went up to my room and cried myself to sleep. Little did I know that this would become very familiar to my daily routine."


Another tear or two began to make their way down my face and I looked up to see Zayn's eyes watering. I didn't say anything, I just kept going.


"For a year and a half after that, every friday he would take me to the same place and rape me without anybody ever knowing. That was until one night I fought back. I had enough and I slapped him across the face. Stupid mistake. He took out a small razor-sharp pen knife and slid it down the top of my thigh giving me the feeling of pain I had never felt before. I screamed uncontrollably which only satisfied him more."


I once again wiped the tears from my eyes. Zayn's eyes were still watering. I dropped my head to look at the shorts I was wearing. I lightly lifted the shorts revealing the small, yet visible scar that lay there. I look up to Zayn. A single tear streaming down his face as he looks at the little, tiny scar that held so many memories of that horrific night. With my thumb, I lightly wiped away his tear yet his eyes remained on the scar. He began to gently rub his finger over the scar letting a few more tears flow as he did. I knew he was picturing what happened that night. I took his hands in mine and without saying a word, I just continued the story.


"Week after week, the same thing happened. Over and over and over again. Until one night, things changed. He brought me to this old, abandoned house and into one of the cold, damp rooms inside. In the room stood two more guys, Chris and Josh. Josh was Tyler's twin and Chris was their older brother. A year older. One by one they raped me that night, Zayn. It was torture. I know that if Niall had never left, none of this would have happened but I'm not blaming Niall. I'm blaming myself. Its all my fault. How could I be so stupid. My mam and you five boys are the only real thing I've got left Zayn and now you boys are going to leave. Especially Niall. I mean, why would he want to be with someone that happened to? Someone like me? He's going to leave me when I tell him. He'll hate me."


I expected Zayn to get up and leave right there. Instead, I was taken by surprise when he pulled me into a tight hug. I sobbed into his shirt while he rubbed circles on my back. We stayed like that for a minute or two before he pulled back, opening and closing his mouth a couple of times before actually speaking.

"Hallie, I cant say anything that will get rid of what he did to you. I cant say anything that can undo the hurt you have felt. But I will promise you this; I'm not going anywhere. You're like a sister to me and I'll always be here to protect you until the day that I die. Harry told me about what happened earlier. Look, Niall's just annoyed and confused right now but trust me, he's not going anywhere. He loves you too much. The way he lightens up when you're around, the way he lightens up at the sound of your name, the way he's just so happy when he's near you is unlike something I've ever seen before. Niall has never been happier than when he's with you. You're like his missing pizza slice. What you two have is indescribable. It's a bond of friendship, of trust, of love and that simply cannot be broken. What you two have is what so many people spend their whole lives searching for and if I can tell you one thing tonight, it's that Niall will won't let that go. Not now, not ever. You know, Niall has always been the single one in the band and the boys and I used to always ask him why?! Why won't he just go on one date? He always replied with the same words; 'I'm waiting for the one. She is coming, I just have to be patient.' To be honest, we always though he was crazy each time he told us that but from the moment I walked through that door yesterday and saw the way Niall looked at you when you were sitting on the couch, immediately I knew what he meant all that time. The look of happiness in his face told me that he finally found the one. That after all this time, she finally arrived. Niall showed me that not all things just appear. In fact, the best things in life come with time and patience. That came true when he found you. Right now you are the best thing in his life, you are his life. I was talking to Niall yesterday while you were sleeping and I asked him the question; 'So, you finally found her buddy?'  And you want to know what he said back?"

I just nodded my head and widened my eyes gesturing for Zayn to keep going. He knew what I meant as he let Niall's words roll off his tongue.

'You know what the funny thing is man? I haven't actually found her. I've only just opened my eyes and realized that she's been right here in front of me all along.'

I began to cry again. This time, tears of joy. I can't believe Niall actually said that! Man, I love him so much.

I lay back down on the couch with Zayn tucking me in. "Goodnight Hal." He smiled while leaving the room.

"Goodnight Zayn. And, thank you." I smiled back.

He stopped and turned around. "For what?" He questioned with his eyebrows furrowed. Clearly confused.

"For everything. For being here when I needed someone. For showing me that what happened is in the past and that doesn't matter anymore. For showing me that what matters is now and for showing me that I will always have someone to pick me up if I fall. Thank you Zayn, I love you." I smiled once again.

He began walking back towards me. He stopped beside me and crouched down on his hunkers. "My pleasure! And don't ever forget my promise, okay? Always." He winked, leaned in and lightly kissed my cheek. "Goodnight Hallie. I love you too." He whispered before getting up, going up the stairs and into his room.

I lay there on the couch just thinking for about 20 minutes after Zayn went to bed. Thinking about the past and what had happened. Thinking about the present and how it happened. Thanking about the future and what will happen. There was a million things running through my mind but only one stuck out. Niall.

I pulled the blankets off me, I got off the couch and I walked up the stairs. I quietly opened Niall's bedroom door and tip-toed over towards the bed where Niall was sleeping. I gently lifted the covers and slid under the duvet beside Niall. I turned in to face him. He is so adorable when he sleeps.

I softly kissed his cheek. "I love you Niall." I whispered before closing my eyes. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt Niall's arm wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, next to the person I love.

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