My Princess.

Having to live with the fact that your best friend left the country without saying goodbye and never contacting again is difficult, but when that best friend was Niall Horan and now you have to hear about him and see his face all over the media because he's one fifth of the biggest boyband in the world is even more difficult. But what happens when Niall decides to take a couple of months off to finish school back in Ireland? Will he remember his once called 'best friend' or will Hallie have to live as if they've never known each other? When two people really care about each other, they will always find a way back to each other. But, is this the case for Niall and Hallie?


21. Taking things slow.

Zayn's P.O.V:

"Zayn, it's me. Can I come in?" Hallie's voice echoed from the hallway.

I was still angry at Niall. He shouldn't have done that to her. If I was with her I would never treat her wrong. Ever. Right now, she needs comfort and I'm going to be here for her.

I lay on the bed. "Sure, come in." I yelled, not moving.

I heard the door creak open. I didn't need to look, I knew it was Hallie.

I heard the door close shut and soon felt the side of the bed sink, signalling that she had sat on it. "Are you okay?" She asked, taking off her shoes. "Zayn, I'm sorry for not listening to you."

I continued to gaze at the ceiling. "Don't be sorry. You didn't know."

I heard her shift her postition before a light sniffle. "Why?" She cried.

I turned my head for the first time to face her. He eyes were red and watery, cheeks were stained and puffy and as for her face, it just looked so drained. All emotion was washed from it. I sat up fully and pulled her into a hug and she buried her head into the crook of my neck while I rubbed circles on her back. "Shh, babe don't cry. Everything will be okay. I promise." 

She looked up at me, tears streaming down her face. "I don't know Zayn. I'm just so, so hurt." She sniffled again, wiping tears from her eyes. "Why would he do this?"

I took a deep breath, unaware of how to properly answer. "Honestly, I think he did it because he missed you." I took her hand in mine. "Look Hallie, I know that's not an excuse but he was really upset when we left. I guess it was for comfort." She still wasn't convinced. "Don't get me wrong Hal, I am so pissed off at Niall right now and I will be for a long time."

She chuckled a bit before turning serious again. "Not that I don't appreciate it because I do but, why do you care so much?"

Shit. 'It's because I love you.' No Zayn, you can't say that. She just broke up with your best mate for god sakes. "Because Hallie, you're my bestfriend. I know we haven't known each other long but we've gotten really close and I really care about you." I smiled as I caught a small smile creep upon her face. "I just want what's best for you. Like I told you, I'll always be here for you. No matter what."

Her smile grew big, emotion returning to her face. "Thank you Zayn." 

"Anytime." Her gaze locked with mine. I couldn't help but feel so much emotion run through me as I looked into her mesmerizing blue eyes. Right in the moment I didn't care about what would happen and I began leaning in. I shut my eyes, leaning in closer and closer.


Hallie's P.O.V:

As I looked into Zayn's eyes I couldn't help but feel something. Something special. Did I have feelings for Zayn? Before I knew it, Zayn was leaning in, eyes closed. I needed this. Not to get back at Niall, not becuase I was single now but, because it was comfort. I need comfort.

I closed my eyes waiting for contact. Almost instantly I felt Zayn's lips on mine. I kissed back immediately. Our lips molded together perfectly. I felt something. Something strong. Sparks flew, I'm not going to lie. Zayn's arms wrapped around my waist while my hands made their way around his neck and into his hair.

We kissed for a few minutes before we both pulled away. There was silence for a moment while we both just stared into each others eyes. "I'm sorry." Zayn sounded so guilty realizing what he had just done.

I smiled. "I'm not."

"You're, you're not?" He asked surprised.

I just nodded and he smiled. "Look Hal, I wasn't planning on telling you this, especially under the circumstances but I-" He took a deep breath. I knew he was nervous. "I really like you. A lot. I have since day one, it just took me a while to figure it out." He held both my hands in each of his. "I understand if you don't feel the same and I understand if you're not ready for anything to happen yet but just know this; I would never, ever do anything to you to hurt you. You may have heard that a lot but I mean it."

"Wow Zayn." Was all that managed to escape my lips. I was in shock. Did Zayn really feel this way about me? Maybe, just maybe he did. "I really like you too, Zayn." I chuckled. "At least I think I do." I exhaled. "But, I just broke up with Niall. I still love him, Zayn. So much." He nodded, understandingly. "I'm not sure if something will happen between us but for now, we can take things slow."

A smile began creeping onto Zayn's face. "Slow." He smiled. "Are you tired?"

He nust have noticed my eyes getting droopy. "Yeah." I laughed. "Is it okay if I stay here tonight? I don't want to stay with Niall. I just can't right now." He stood up and made his way towards his clothes drawers.

He pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. "Of course you can babe. Here!" He tossed me the clothes and I walked into the bathroom to change.


Niall's P.O.V:

What have I done? I'm so, so stupid. I love that girl so much and I've just broken her heart. I decided against going to talk to her. I figured she may just need some space. Having to tell her about that night was definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Seeing Hallie upset the way she was killed me. The look of pain and hurt in her eyes was so visibly clear and it tore me apart. What hurts the most is that I know she's the one. I know because I've waited. I've waited for Hallie all along and I finally got her. But of course, me being Niall had to go and ruin everything. I want her back. I need her back.

Zayn's P.O.V:

I can't believe I kissed Hallie and then told her my feelings. It seems crazy! I know that doing this is wrong as Niall is my best friend and they have just broke up but kissing her, holding her and just being with her feels so right. Niall screwed up. I would never hurt her and now that I have a chance, I'm going to prove that.

She walked out of the bathroom with my clothes on her. "You look beautiful."

She laughed. "Zayn, I'm in sweatpants and a tee."

"Still beautiful." I whispered, loud enough for her to hear.  She just giggled. "Come on then babe." I lifted up the bed covers and slid under, moving over so that Hallie could get in. She got in and lifted the covers over us both. I didn't really know what to do at first as I didn't know what would be considered as 'slow' yet. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to my body. She lay her hands on top of mine, occasionally rubbing her thumbs over my hands. 

She sighed of relief. "Goodnight Zayn."

I held her close tightly. "Goodnight babe." I whispered, kissing her cheek.

After a few moments the only sound filling the room was the sound of our breathing. Hallie fell asleep in my arms, cuddled into me. Boy, could I get used to this.



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