My Love For You Is Indescribable

Kezia Sanchez:

She's 18 years old.

She lives with her bestie Malou Jones.

She's just an ordinary girl.

But one word sentence change her life.

One thing she's sure about - she's completely in love with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber:

It isn't easy to be a teenage pop sensation.

And it doesn't make it easier when you're in love.

He have to take one big decesion.

Does he take the right decision.

One thing he's sure about - he's completely in love with Kezia Sanchez.


4. I've Missed You

Where the fuck am I? I’m in a very small room with old worn walls. There are no windows, but an old worn door. Everything in here is just so worn and scary.

I’m sitting learned up against the wall, my hands and feet are tied, I can’t move. I don’t see Malou anywhere, but I’m sure that it was our rented Range Rover I saw. That means she has something to do with this. I can’t figure all this out, it’s driving me crazy.

“AAARGH,” it was a girl scream and I knew exactly who it belonged to. It belonged to Malou. I was just about to scream her name when I realized that I couldn’t. I had a scarf wrapped around my mouth. This was really scary. “AAARGH,” Malou screamed again. I tried to get up, but fell to the ground. Then I heard voices outside the door. Three men stepped in I guess they were about 27 years old.

“Well well. What do we have here?” The man in the middle, I guess might be the leader, said. I looked down. He sat down and looked at me. “What’s your name?” He asked. Why should I tell him my name? He got over and took the scarf from my mouth.

I looked up to see their faces. I didn’t remember to have seen any of these faces, so I guess there might be more. “Ho-how ma-many pe-people ar-are yo-you?” I asked scared. “Just a couple more,” the leader said while he took a tuft of my hair and curled it around his finger. Eww this was so disgusting. I learned back but he just learned forward. “Don’t learn back, I won’t hurt you.” He whispered in my ear. Yeah like he wouldn’t. I couldn’t help it, the words just came out: “Stay away from me your pervert!” He learned back, he was mad now, or should I say angry. “DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!” He slapped me in the face. I gasped. It burned like hell. I took my hand to my cheek, how was it even possible to burn that much.

He looked at the two men that still was in here, and gave them a sign to walk out. They did as they were told to and walked out. Now it was only me and him.

“Where were we?” I didn’t answer him. He learned even closer. “Can you tell me that?” I still didn’t answer him. “Well, since you can’t tell me I guess I have to start out. My name is Daniel, and your name is?” If I didn’t answer him, he would just slap me in the face again and I didn’t want that to happen ever again. I made up a lie and told him that my name was Sophia. He seemed to believe in me.

“So Sophia, what do you wanna do?” Like I was going to do anything here, no way. I just wanted to find Malou and get away from here as quick as possible.

“Should I show you around in the house?” He asked and learned a bit back. I shook my head, but then an idea popped up. If he showed me around I would maybe find out where Malou was and then we could escape.

“Or, yes. You can show me around in the house.” I quickly said. He smiled and got up. I almost fell sick when he smiled, it wasn’t a nice smile. He bent down and untied the rope around my feet, so I was able to walk. He also untied the rope at my hands, but then he took my hands behind my back in a firm grip and tied them tight. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to try to get away now, so I didn’t do any resistance. To be honest I don’t think it was possible to get away from his grip.

He took a hold of my hands and we walked out of the door. We went to the living room but it wasn’t that special. It consisted of two couches a chair and a television. Pretty much everything in here was worn, but it wasn’t a new thing. We walked to the kitchen and to the bathroom and some bedrooms. I was about to give up by finding her, when I saw a bracelet on the floor. I read the word on it and it said Forever. My heart skipped a beat. It was Malou’s bracelet, I know that because I gave it to her when I was admitted to the hospital. It was 4 years ago; I was admitted to the hospital because I had cancer. My parents were heartbroken, and so was Malou. She almost cried herself to sleep every night, because of the thought of losing me. I decided to give her a memory of me because my chance of surviving wasn’t big and I knew she would be heartbroken a long time after if I left her, so I gave her the bracelet that said Forever. I told her that if I didn’t made it through the cancer she would know that I would still love her, she would always have a very special place in my heart and she would know that she had been the best friend I had ever had in the whole world. Without her I couldn’t have made it through, she was there for me the whole time even the times I had decided to stop fighting.

The four months would have been a hell if she hadn’t been there for me, she made my days. She made the pain go away; she made me laugh and made me forget all about the cancer. I felt like a healthy person.

I fought for her. She was my everything.

I felt a shaking. I looked up and realized that I was as glued to the spot.

“Sophia!” Daniel said mad. I guess he had been trying to get in contact with me, but without luck.

The only thing I could think of right now was Malou, where was she and why didn’t she have the bracelet on; I thought it meant something to her.

Daniel took a hold of my arms and walked down the stairs and into ‘my room’. He walked so fast that I almost fell.

“Now you can be in here the rest of the day.” He was really mad; don’t ask me why, maybe because I didn’t answer him. He quickly untied the rope on my hands and got out. He slammed the door and I could hear that he locked it. Great now I wasn’t able to escape.

I could feel the tiredness take over me, so I decided to lie on the couch. It wasn’t big so I had to lay completely squashed together. I quickly fell sleep take over me.

Justin’s POV:
I’m lying in my bed, but I can’t sleep. I’m really worried about Kezia and Malou. Malou has been missing for two days and Kezia didn’t went home from McDonalds last night. It’s my entire fault. I shouldn’t have dropped Kezia off at McDonalds and I should have insisted to get a tracing started.

The tracing is in progress now, but they haven’t found any kind of trace yet. I’ve told them that if they’re finding the slightest trace they shall call me. I’ve called Scooter and Fredo. Scooter told me to just focus on my vacation and my song writing. I actually didn’t know what was going on with him.

I took on this vacation so I could write a song or two to my new album.

Fredo told me to go search for them. I asked him to come over here and spend the rest of the vacation with me, so he is coming in three days or something.

I feel in a way that I know Kezia and Malou really well and that I’ve known them much longer than a couple of days. I feel like they’re my friends and that I have to go search for them. Tomorrow I’ll probably go search for them I think.

I looked at my phone and saw that it was about 11.30 PM. I really needed to get some rest now.


*Phone buzzes*

I yawned and took my phone.

“What?” I asked Fredo peevishly. I hate when people wake me up by calling me.

“Yo man, why so mad?” He asked. He chuckled a bit.

“What? I’m not mad, I’m just tired.”

“Yeah I can hear that, you sound like someone who just woke.”

“That’s because I just woke, but what’s your point?” I said tired and a little mad because I just wanted to sleep. He laughed a bit over my reaction; he probably thought it was funny to hear me like that.

“I just wanted to hear if you’ve heard anything about Kezia and Malou?” Fuck. I’ve forgot everything about them, I gotta go find them NOW!

“Yo bro, you there?” Fredo asked.

“Yeah sorry, I just got in chock.” I said when I realized that I was in my own thoughts.

“Chock?” He asked confused. “Why?”

“Because I had forgotten everything about them. You know, I haven’t slept that much the last few days and when I finally got a good night sleep I just forgot everything else.” I looked at my phone and saw that it was 1.10 PM. “God I’ve slept much.” I could feel the dizziness in my head.

“Should I come tomorrow instead?” Fredo asked. I really needed someone to talk with so I said yes and hung on. I then went to my bathroom and took a quick shower. After the shower I took some clothes on, just some black jeans and a white shirt. I walked to the door, took my Supras on and went down to my car, but before I knew it I was surrounded by screaming girls.

“Justin can a get a picture?” the girls shouted. I took some quick pictures with some of them and stepped into my car. Normally I would have loved to take pictures and stuff like that with as many as possible, but right now I found it much more important to find Kezia and Malou.

I started driving very slowly because my fans surrounded my car as usual.

When I finally got away from the hotel’s parking lot I could drive a lot faster. I could see a couple of cars following me, but that was okay sometime they would turn around, they always do.

I went to the McDonalds where I dropped Kezia off. Course I’ve already been there but you never know.

No signs.

I went to virtually every place that was optional. After a few hours a sat down on a bench. I’ve almost lost all kind of hope.


Kezia’s POV:

“Go cook dinner NOW!” Daniel shouted at me. I stood up from ‘my’ bed and walked into the kitchen. Within the last few days, Daniel let all his anger out on me. I had bruises all over my arms. I’ve been here for a week or something. I don’t really know because he has my phone and all kind of things he mean I can use to escape with.

I started cooking the dinner which consisted of pasta and tomatoes. It wasn’t really a meal, but it was the only things he had.

I could hear that the television was on. Daniel was the only one home (and then there was me, but I mean ‘the kidnappers’ or what you would call them). I told Daniel that his dinner was finished and walked into ‘my room’. I hadn’t heard from Malou but I guess that she was somewhere upstairs.
Daniel came in with a little plate of pasta, walked out again and locked the door. I ate my meal and lay on the couch which had become my bed.


“No please don’t.” I said scared. Daniel had bound me to a rod. He began to take my clothes off. “Don’t worry I know exactly how to do this, it doesn’t hurt.” He said flirty. Oh no, I was about to get raped by the most disgusting man in the whole world and he was going to take my virginity. “I’m a virgin.” I said scared.

”That only makes it better.” He took my bra off so I stood all naked in front of him. He got closer and began to take his clothes off.

Get me out of here now.

I tried to get the rope around my hands up, but it was too tight. I began to panic, how could I get away?

“Please don’t, please.” I prayed, but he just got even closer so I could feel his breath and it wasn’t good. It smelled of beer and like he hadn’t brushed his teeth for a very long time.

Why did he have to do this, rape me and take my virginity?


I woke up with a chock. God thanks it was only a dream. It was the worst dream I had ever had. I tried to hold the tears back, but I couldn’t. The dream had felt so fucking real. I wanted to get away from this place right now and it had to be now. I got up and tiptoed to the door. I opened it very slowly and tried to do it as silent as possible. I tiptoed out of the door and got to the living room’s door. I carefully looked into the living room to check that there were free pave. He sat and watched TV so I tiptoed to the front door and took down at the handle when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Fuck I was busted.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Daniel asked suspiciously. Fuck fuck fuck. I looked down.

“Nowhere.” He took my arm and walked into ‘my room’. He threw me in the couch.

“Why were you leaving?” He asked and crossed his arms. Oh duh because I don’t want to be here and he already know that.

“Why do you think I was about to leave?” I said.

“I don’t know. Don’t you like to be here?” Sometimes he could be so stupid. Of course I didn’t like to be here.

“Duh of course I don’t like to be here.”

“I’ll change your thought about that.” He took a hold of my shoulders and pulled back against the couch back rest and started to take off my tank top.

“Stop!” I tried to get him off me, but he was too strong. Oh no my nightmare had become real. He took his hand up to my bra when I saw Justin behind him. What? I thought he had forgot everything about me and kept living his amazing live. I opened my eyes and looked at him with that what-are-you-doing-here? Look. He just took his finger to his mouth and that made pretend he wasn’t there.

Daniel opened my bra but before he had the chance to notice anything Justin had hit him with a baseball bat. Baseball bat? Where did he get that? Daniel fell to the ground.

“Take some clothes on and come.” I quickly took my clothes on, (Justin had already seen me in bra so it didn’t mean anything to me and it didn’t seem to mean anything to him as well.) Justin took my hand and we ran to the door.

“Wait.” I said.


“We have to get Malou I can’t leave her.”

Don’t worry she’s at the hotel she’s fine.”

“She’s mine.” Daniel took a hold of my arm.

“I swear you she’s not.” Justin hit Daniel on his cheek. He grabbed my hand and we quickly got out into his car and started driving. I couldn’t say anything right now I was just in chock. My nightmare had come true, Daniel was about to rape me. I couldn’t bless Justin anymore; he had saved me from losing my virginity to a disgusting pervert.

“Justin thank you so much. I can’t bless you anymore.” He smiled big.

“You’re welcome. Do you know how freaking worried I’ve been I haven’t slept the last few days.” I could feel the warm grow to my cheeks.

“Aww, are you blushing?” No this couldn’t be happening, not here; why did I have to blush all the time when I was with him? Why did he make me blush all the time?

“No.” I quickly looked away. He chuckled.


“OMG Kezia are you okay? I’ve missed you so much.” Malou got over and hugged me before I had barely stepped out of the car.

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“OMG how did you get away?”

“Uhm…” I looked at Justin who had just stepped out of the door. “He went and got me.” I pointed at Justin. She got over to Justin and hugged him.

“OMG Justin thank you soooo much, you don’t how much this mean to me. You fucking saved her.”

“You’re welcome.” He said and hugged her back. She looked back at me.

“Where were you?” She asked.

“At a place right behind McDonalds, you the one that is 10 minutes away from here, and there was a disgusting pervert named Daniel. Where were you?” I said as she ran over and hugged me again. I hugged her back.

“I’m so glad you’re back and I was also at the place right behind McDonalds I think, but it was just a guy named Benjamin.” I hugged her.

“I hope you’re okay.” I said and almost cried. I looked at her arm and saw that she the bracelet on, but how?
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