The Gentleman Killer

This is a story about a man without any real identity, he is defined by what he does; murder. The man travels around stealing and killing women usually, but he is unique in the way he does it. By making the victim kill themselves. This story will be interchangeable between his POV and a third person look at what is happening. Enjoi!

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6. Just a Sidenote ( An Intermittent POV)

As a man whom usually poses as a fictional character hosting a party, I find this to be an entirely new experience for me. People are not as much so my pawns as I would like and in the long run I am much more limited on my usable resources since I’m restricted by my alias’ persona and known abilities. In a way though it’s refreshing, the complexity of playing a known role, the intricate delicacy that comes from impersonating someone real that attends a very high-class party not thrown by yours truly. I understand that those there to witness my first failure of the night were all-too amused and in retrospect I can see why, if it were I not being hit in the delicate genital tissue that I have I may have been snickering and watching on with them. I feel that maybe I should have studied harder on this man; Keliov to better understand just what kind of man, and to indulge you I have learned this much.

Keliov is a liar and a cheater, mostly because it comes with his business (oh by the way it’s illegal). He holds women in low regards and the moment he becomes displeased they are disposed of or sent off to live their lives in depression. He is cold-blooded and ruthless which I can relate to, but he is so in a much different way; instead of my subtle whispers of suicide he is a true killer. He is known to send men after people he doesn’t like and at all times he is accompanied by bodyguards that are cunningly disguised and keep a close distance but not obvious. His family life consists of his poor treatment of each one of his spouses, ex and the like; he has no children (Oh thank God) or close relatives (The last close relative being his brother whom he killed over four hundred thousand dollars). From my understanding he has no remorse which even perturbs me after all he’s done in compare to me; I’ve not gotten my hands dirty in work once.

As far as his second Ex-wife is concerned I’m really not sure even of her name, let alone her history which in the long run will help me maybe kill her. Back to Keliov though, I possess a certain charm that the gruff man lacks and for me to hide such a brilliant tool of feminine demise would be like cutting off my heart from the rest of my body. And as for the party, the fun was just beginning, so to speak; I wasn’t even on the move yet and I’d managed to draw a crowd and the attention of many people not just through the incident, but also through the person I was impersonating. (Which to tell you the truth even though I complained like a whiny bitch, isn’t bad at all.). And now we should continue.....

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