Death's Shadow



1. A New Day

It was a new day in Stamford Street, well which is quite ordinary and everyone was gathered at the school field. Today was the summer fair and everyone was happy.Even the adults were having a nice time, as I am myself.

I'm a police officer patrolling the fair and my job is my hobby, from the age of five I've always been interested in police my dad even bought me a peddle police car, I drove round in all day, watching for 'baddies' as I called them. Because of this I got beat up a lot but that didn't stop me from being what I am today.

I was sitting on a bench when my colege/freind ran up to me and said:


''Stop'' I said over the sound of his cries.''say it s-l-o-w-l-y.''

'' There has been a murder ; murder in the Stamford castle!''

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