Just My Everyday Diary

Just about my life going to school and living with my dad. Link for chapter 1: https://mobile.twitter.com/ByeSummerLove/status/279716760821846016


3. 12/16/12

I got up and decided to buy beer for my dad without him asking. I do this and that and buy the beer. I come home and he takes the beer from my hand and punches my jaw. I fall to the floor with blood coming out of my mouth. I run to my room only to be followed. He picks me up and literally throws me onto my blood stained bed. He takes my clothes off and rapes me. He stops about 45 minutes later and leaves me to cry. Which I do. I hear a rock hit the window and I see it's Damien. He motioned for me to go outside. I slide down the vine and he walks over to me and hugs me. I cry into his shoulder and tell him the full story of what happens to me. He says that he had one of my friends with him. He yells for him to come out and I see Harry(yes, from 1D, I know management because my aunt helps them). He comes and comforts me the exact same as Danien did. I tell him the story too. Then I hear a gun shot and see my dad looking out my window with a pistol. I look to see who got shot and I see it was Damien. My dad points the gun at me but I run out of the way and luckily Harry wasn't shot but a close miss. Harry runs off and I go to Damien to see a bloody chest. I feel no pulse. I cry more, then eventually go inside my window. I sit on my bed in pain again because of when I fell outside dodging a bullet and being raped. Then I feel a knife come in contact with my arm. I look up to see my dad smirk and release the knife to start my leg. He cuts from the middle shin to middle thigh. I passed out and woke up to nothing wrong with me, no pains, no slits, no nothing. I pull out my iPod and see I had a text from 2 minutes ago. From Damien. I smiled at the thought he was okay, then I got one from Harry. He said he was going to come to the backyard to visit me. A few minutes later I see Harry, Louis, and Niall in my backyard waiting for me. And yes, from 1D. I slid out the window and greeted them. The only true event that happened was the rape. I told them about it and they offered to help me. I couldn't though, it'd me too much of a hassle. I declined and they said they had to go. They left and I got back inside at around 9:00 pm so I just slept. (A/N: I really do know the 1D people. My aunt works with management to discuss tours and things. Everything in this day was true, and I cried myself to sleep after the rape. Then the dream took until I passed out then woke up. Harry, Louis, and Niall did come to my house, but no 1D fans know it, so don't get it all over the Internet. They will keep denying it anyway. They can't be seen at an 11 year olds house. Bye guys!)
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