Just My Everyday Diary

Just about my life going to school and living with my dad. Link for chapter 1: https://mobile.twitter.com/ByeSummerLove/status/279716760821846016


1. 12/14/12

I stayed home from school today. My dad made me. Why would I disagree, I hate school. He says that he's going to the store to buy some drinks, and I mean drinks drinks, like beer. He came back with nothing except three guys. Their names are Dan, Chris, and Max. Gaylord(my dad) told me to go into my bedroom. I told him to give me a second. I ran inside and put my dog in my closet and hid my phone, iPod, etc. I had this stuff from my jobs money. I told them they could come in. I had no clue what they were planning to do to me. I sat there while Gaylord sat on my bed. He told me to...undress. I did as told because I didn't want him to beat me. I sat back on the bed when I was only in a bra and underwear. He picked me up and laid me on my back on the bed. He told the boys to hold me down. They did as told and my dad undressed himself. He told them to let go. He got on top of me and took my underwear off. I knew exactly what he was doing. I struggled to get out from under him but he was too strong so I stayed under him. He started raping me. It lasted for about half an hour. Then Dan, then Max, then Chris. They each kept raping me until around 1 o'clock. They started at 8 in the morning. Around 5 hours of rape. When they stopped I put my underwear back on and laid there crying. I opened my eyes and saw blood EVERYWHERE. My bed was soaked with my blood. I was laying in it, you know because I stayed in that one spot and cried. I went to go take a shower and it hurt like hell! I couldn't move. I fell on the floor and eventually got up and took a shower. I looked at my thighs and saw red marks. Dark red swollen marks that would last forever. You could tell because they were scars. I finished my shower and got dressed. I was in sooooooooooo much pain. I texted my friend Leah and since my friend Jaime had the iPod(thank god, I was hoping!) I told her like I intended to. She told my other friend April and I went to sleep regretting tomorrow. Bye Diary. There is a picture of my thigh marks on twitter. Link in description.
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