Meeting Justin <3

I'm really excited to go and see Justin in concert for the first time but after its finished i loose my friend and have no way of contacting her, i get help finding her from Kenny. He tells me to wait in the room while he calls my mum when i get an unexpected guest. can you guess who walks in? ;)

Tell me what you think and if i should write more...<3


7. She found out

 We were at the beach just as the sun was setting. our hands fit together like we were made for eachother, as we strolled along the sand, bare footed. He stopped me, pulling me close. Slowly he pressed his lips against mine, holding me tightly. " I love you " he whispered in a soft voice.

"LAURYN!" Zoe shouted, clicking her fingers in my face. "daydreaming again, really?"

We both laughed.

"No, I was just thinking about...someone".

"Ohh so who's this someone?" she laughed.

"Oh umm... just a friend, no biggie".

*BINGG* It was my phone.

" Is that your 'friend' ?" she said curiously.

"Um yeah".

"Cool, what's their name then?" Zoe could tell I wasn't going to say and before i know it she had grabbed my phone. Her face dropped. i knew this meant she had seen who it was. "JUSTIN!?...Bieber?".

"Yeah, I was going to tell you but-"

"This is amazing but you didn't trust me to keep it a secret?".

"Of course I did, I just wanted to wait and see if he actually messaged me".

She seemed a bit hurt but understood why i waited to tell her. I just hoped she didn't tell people.

As usual please comment if you like it and think i should write more :)

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