Meeting Justin <3

I'm really excited to go and see Justin in concert for the first time but after its finished i loose my friend and have no way of contacting her, i get help finding her from Kenny. He tells me to wait in the room while he calls my mum when i get an unexpected guest. can you guess who walks in? ;)

Tell me what you think and if i should write more...<3


3. Meeting the real him

I was sitting nervously with my hands in my lap when somebody came in the room laughing. It was Justin! He was with Ryan and they were messing around as usual. He gave out his beautiful smile which lit the room, you know the one I mean. 

Justin and Ryan didn't notice me sitting on the couch until they reached the water fountain. Justin turned around, still with his beautiful smile, looking straight at me.

"Hey who are you?" He asked with a friendly tone.

"Oh umm... I'm Lauryn" I said with the biggest grin ever, trying not to scream with happiness. Inside I was fangirling. "Kenny said to wait in here while he calls my mum, I sort of lost her and my friend, Zoe. 

"Oh hi Lauryn, so did you enjoy the concert?"

 "Yeah it was amazing, but I can't believe I'm talking to you right now!"

"Aww" he said followed by his cute giggle. "Glad you had fun".

By now Ryan had got his things he needed. "You coming Justin?" He said as he was leaving.

"Nah. I think I'll stay here and keep Lauryn company".

"Okay see ya later and be careful of the glass door on the way out".

They both laughed. This was obviously something to do with the reason they came in laughing.

He came over and sat next to me on the couch and got comfortable with his drink.

"Thanks for staying with me".

"Oh it's fine, you seem lovely like one of the fans who i can really talk with"

"Thank you" i said smiling. 

 "So tell me how did you manage to loose your mum and friend?" he gave out a friendly laugh.

" I honestly don't know but it is pretty crowded so I'm not just useless" I said laughing back.

"Nah your not useless there are loads of people around".

By now we were talking really close both with our heads leaned on our hands with our arm pressed on the back of the sofa, facing eachother. We spoke for about 20 minutes.

"Do you think I could have your number?" he asked looking into my eyes with a sexy smirk.

"Yeah sure" i said softly and got a pen out my bag. I found a small bit of pink paper and began to write it. 

Just then there was a knock at the door and Kenny came in with Zoe. I could tell by her face that she was shocked to see me with Justin.

"Hey Justin we gotta go, Lauryn your mum is outside waiting for you and Zoe. I'll walk you there".

"Thank you so much I said to Kenny.

Quickly, i scribbled down the rest of my number and slid it towards Justin secretly as i stood up.

As me, Kenny and Zoe started to leave, I turned my head and smirked at Justin. He smirked back with a wink. I then turned. leaving the room.



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