Meeting Justin <3

I'm really excited to go and see Justin in concert for the first time but after its finished i loose my friend and have no way of contacting her, i get help finding her from Kenny. He tells me to wait in the room while he calls my mum when i get an unexpected guest. can you guess who walks in? ;)

Tell me what you think and if i should write more...<3


5. Lunchtime

Lunchtime at school I knew Zoe would pile on question after question and to be honest I couldn't wait to tell her about talking with Justin, but him having my number was staying a secret,for now.

"so tell me, tell me, tell me!" she said excitedly while we sat together at the canteen table.

"Tell you what?" I said laughing. "Justin is a really nice guy"

"But I can't actually believe you spoke with him, what did you talk about?"

"Well, first he asked me if I had a good time at the concert, then we spoke about ourselves and family, getting to know eachother. I took a small pause for a second, thinking. "-and well I felt like I was talking to the real Justin, not Justin Bieber the celebrity".

"wow" she said slowly, thinking about everything I had just said. "you're so lucky, it's a shame you can't get to know him better".

"Yeah" I said awkwardly knowing I wanted to keep it to myself that he had my number, just incase he didn't message me.

Please comment if I should write more, I'm not writing for nobody <3

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