Meeting Justin <3

I'm really excited to go and see Justin in concert for the first time but after its finished i loose my friend and have no way of contacting her, i get help finding her from Kenny. He tells me to wait in the room while he calls my mum when i get an unexpected guest. can you guess who walks in? ;)

Tell me what you think and if i should write more...<3


1. Getting ready

"Zoe, c'mon lets go!" i shouted excitedly.

she came running down the stairs with the biggest grin on her face. we couldn't believe the day was finally here. we were going to see Justin in concert for the first time.

i wore my mini red shorts and obey cap (which i will admit i purposely got the same as Justin) and zoe wore a flowery dress with knee high socks, which she took ages to choose.

My mum honked the car horn. " Quickly girls you don't want to be late".

i grabbed my handbag and we ran to the car.

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