Meeting Justin <3

I'm really excited to go and see Justin in concert for the first time but after its finished i loose my friend and have no way of contacting her, i get help finding her from Kenny. He tells me to wait in the room while he calls my mum when i get an unexpected guest. can you guess who walks in? ;)

Tell me what you think and if i should write more...<3


6. "bingg"

Sitting in my bedroom that night, I started to doubt he would bother messaging me. After all he has such a busy life and what was so special about me?

I was sat on my bed in my pyjama trousers and vest on my laptop when i heard "bingg". My heart felt like it fell to my stomach. I picked up my phone, slowly, to see if it was him.

"Guess who ;) "

"Justin? :) " I replied.

"Yupp :) so how are you?"

"I'm good, how are you?"

"Good :), I'm alright"

"What you been up to today?x" I was nervous putting a kiss, not sure if it was too soon.

"Not much just been relaxing with Chaz on the tour bus, how was school?x"

I was relieved he responded back with one. " School was good, Zoe was asking me loads of questions about you all day though haha x"

"Haha aww, sorry i have to go, it's the afternoon where i am, I gotta go to the studio x"

"Okayy have fun, bye x"

"Talk tomorrow? ;) "

"Sure ;) " I replied, I couldn't wait.

To be honest it was hard to believe he was actually texting me. Talking to him again gave me a calm feeling. It made me forget about everything bothering me at the moment.

You see, my mum will loose her job as the company are relocating to America. We have to move there for her to keep her job. Don't get me wrong I have always wanted to live there instead of here in Britain. It's just that I will miss my grandparents and friends. There is so many good memories here, but... I suppose I should support my mum and be positive about moving with my family.

Once again please comment if I should write more :)



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