Broke My Heart


2. Sadie

I step outside and immediately get hit with a gust of warm, June wind. I jog down the driveway, and press play on my iPod, while putting my headphones in. A song by Stevie Wonder plays and I start jogging down the road. I run the corner and see this cat, I think. I turn around jogging slower backwards, trying to scope out what it was, and where it went, when I trip over something and hit my head on the road. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" A girly voice says. "Are you all right?!" She helps me up. I look her in the eyes. She's got quite a cheeky smile... Once I'm up on my feet, I smile kinda dumb at her. "Oh sorry, I'm... I'm Harry." "I'm Emily." She smiles right back at me. There's. dog with her, and I'm guessing that's what I tripped over. "This is Sadie! Sadie, sit!" The dog sits at her command. "Can I-" I start, "Yeah!" She crouches down beside Sadie and starts stroking her long, blonde fur. She read my mind! I bend down and extend my hand towards the dog, while she sniffs it, then gives it and licks me! I start scratching behind her ear, when my hand meets Emily's. I look into her eyes and notice that their light brown. Maybe I stared a little too long, because she quickly turned her gaze back to the dog. I had this weird feeling in my stomach, and I started to smile like an idiot. I quickly stand back up, trying to keep my cool, and her gaze follows me.

Emily's POV

I look up from Sadie, and see Harry staring at me. Not weird, but friendly. He stands up, and I look at him. I stand up, too. "So um.." He starts. I push a piece of hair behind my ear. "I was wondering... Maybe you wanna go grab a quick tea?" I think about what my father said about being late. I've been out for only 15 minutes so... "I'd love to!" I respond with a smile. We walk side by side talking about ourselves the whole way there.
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