Broke My Heart


1. Sunday Morning

Emily's POV

"Emily?!" I hear my father yell frustrated from the bottom of the stairs. I don't answer right away, which makes him even angrier. "Emily?!" I can hear his footsteps growing louder. Then my bedroom door swings open and hits the wall with a rough bang. I jump up to my feet and face him. "When I call you, you answer." He's pointing his finger in my face. "Is that understood?" I nod my head quickly, trying to avoid eye contact. "I'm waiting for an answer." "Yes." I spit out. "Excuse me?" He's conscious about what I call him. He's so strict sometimes, it scares me. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry.." "Don't be sorry for things that you are not sorry for." What he doesn't understand is, is that I really am sorry. I've forgotten. "Yes, sir..." "You are to walk Sadie. I expect you downstairs and ready to go in 5 minutes." I hesitate, waiting for him to leave my room. "Get going!" He shouts. I stumble backwards grabbing my bed post. He shuts the door behind him and I quickly start to strip down. I run over to my dresser and pull out some pink running short and a matching green sports tank top. I rush to put it on, and then I grab a a pair of socks and my running shoes. I put them on and jog down the stairs to find my father with Sadie sitting obidiently at his side. "One hour. Now sooner no later. If you are late," he extends his arm with the leash, "then you will will be punished." He never says what he's gonna do. I grab the leash and nod, stepping towards the door, which he's holding open. We step out into the warm, Springish Sunday morning. From here, Sadie leads the way.
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