watery heart

he is her life water is her heart but he can leave her in the garden she cant leave as the soul of all water if she leavs she will be killed and so will all other angels it would leave all humans floating in space what happens if she dies and leavse something behind...


3. water

her eyes were like water and they melted his heart into a puddle he thort it was what humans called love but she looked well difrent to angels and humans she was inbatween like were she is as they looked into eache others eyes they leand in untile there lipse met in a sweet kiss long soothing and warm ending there kiss was a shadowe that came dowen swoped him up and up untile he was stood infronte of the councel and next to him was a cage and inside was the girle from the water what would they do now."shar you have been called to councel today for faalling in love with lizer the dughter of one of are leaders who was put half way becuase she controles all the water eny wear and if she died or harmed bad things could happen in earth and here so we give you an offer you and she will be bonded and when or if you have a child she and lizer must stay in gardone at all times you will help us fite off the demonds and you can come back and forth from her to us ok do you exept this or shall we cast you into a pit" he muddled it throw his mind and came to his anser"yes i agree to this" then he was droped back to the gardone and was given a house to live in but he was given a week to get to know lizer before he had to bond with her.

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