watery heart

he is her life water is her heart but he can leave her in the garden she cant leave as the soul of all water if she leavs she will be killed and so will all other angels it would leave all humans floating in space what happens if she dies and leavse something behind...


2. the gardon

the grass soft the birds sung and the rushing water was soothing and in the place between places there was sun he mite not have a bad time here then he herd splashing geting up over welmed by the suddon light he stagerd up to the large rivers bank suprisingly the water was as pure as pure and didnt have ent dirt.

as he leand into the river cuping his hands full of water and bringing it to his mouth it was sweet not water it was sweet not clear aquer.leaning into the water again he saw something move then looking even closer he could see a face a butiful face of a girl long white hair flowing in the water tight blue dress no shoes and her eyes were closed whilst he had been looking at her he had not realised he was geting closer to the water but he was to late he fell in to the cold water and in a flick of white hair he was out again.and next to him stood the butiful girle he had seen in the water...

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