Over the hill...

This is my entry for the hobbit adventure contest. All you are left with is an animal. This animal is your very soul and is a replica of the person you are. Your personality is your animal that always walks by your side, what happens if you are the only one without one. And it is your quest to find one...


2. Help has found me

Ten years, the life time of solitude has been a painful hell to me. I am now on the streets, no person will take me for a job because I have no soul animal. I have tried many forms of suicide, jumping; cutting; drowning, and I fail at each. I have tried over again to find love, all of the people who have birds were first interested because they were drawn to the faint traces of the scent, but all lasted as one night stands. 

     I woke to the bitter breath of the wind's icy tone prickling through my spine. The memory of last night flooded back to me, thrown out of my house from the landlord; the fire in the woods; the wolves descending on to me. Homeless, lifeless, soulless. I took a deep breath and stumbled my way on to the busy high street, people looked from above me and sighed in disgust  Their creatures snarled and lunged at me, but were stopped by the evil little voices that shrilled from the bodies of the civilised. My hand guided me to the far eastern building, the speckled marble stone that held it's structure glistened and blinded me. This was the place I had been coming to for a month, a shrink who promised me that he could help. He has failed to accomplish that so far, but I know him as my old history teacher from school so that I could trust. It was the only thing I could at the moment. As I forced the door open, my body shaking from malnourishment, a large hand lifted me out of the way but kept me under their grasp. The warmth flooded through me, the first in a while, I started to shake uncontrollably. The grip tightened around me and the cushioning feeling of safety crept unwantedly through my system and I went in to shock. 

"Get someone quick!" I picked up the faint shout from the large handed being. His fingers caressed my cheek but stopped suddenly. Then, they were gone. Like a flap of a birds wing, searing pain filled my body and coldness was replaced with light. I do not know what happened or why but I felt as though I had a person care for me for once. I fell silent, and saw... nothing.

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