-this is my first fanfic, so sorry if it's not too good!-
Alyx has been dreaming about One Direction ever since they came 3rd on the X Factor. Now, at her first One Direction concert, one of the band members notices her and invites her backstage. They become close, but will they become more than friends? And what happens when Alyx finds out one of the other band members likes her a bit more than he should? Will it all be a happy ending for Alyx and the love of her life? Or will her dreams come crashing down on her?


1. The Beginning...

'One Direction tickets selling in 1 minute' My fingers were ready to click the buy button. I checked again to see if  I had selected the right ticket: One Direction New York Row 1 Seats 2-3. "Come on" I whispered to myself as the notice 'purchasing came up on the screen. 'Successfully Purchased' I screamed at the top of my lungs, grabbed my phone and called my friend Katie (she was going to New York with me). "Guess what Kat?!" "what?!" she called down the phone. "We're going to New York!" a shrieking sound ran threw my ears. "You got the plane tickets?" I asked. "You bet! This time next week we will be flying over the big state!"

*7 Days Later

*beep beep* I grabbed my phone as the screen lite up. 'Get u in 1hr. be rdy!xx' I looked under the time to see my reminder on the screen. 'Niall Time!' I chuckled at my own private joke and quickly got dresses. My suitcase had been packed previously by my mum so I a=had no clue what it contained.

I grabbed it as the door bell rung. Katie was standing at the door in shorts and a baggy top, sunglasses perched on her head. we both screamed and squeezed each other. "This will be amazing Alyx!"


Not soon later, we arrived at the airport. We went through customs and all that rubbish at the airport until, finally, we sat down on the plane.

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