-this is my first fanfic, so sorry if it's not too good!-
Alyx has been dreaming about One Direction ever since they came 3rd on the X Factor. Now, at her first One Direction concert, one of the band members notices her and invites her backstage. They become close, but will they become more than friends? And what happens when Alyx finds out one of the other band members likes her a bit more than he should? Will it all be a happy ending for Alyx and the love of her life? Or will her dreams come crashing down on her?


4. Surprises

It was 3 o'clock when I got a taxi to the arena. I kept getting rushes of excitement I  couldn't handle it! It took about half an hour to get to the show and by the time I got in my seat it was 3:45. i was wearing my One Direction top and hoodie. I sat down and waited. Girls around me were screaming at the top of their lungs. Suddenly the opening came on. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 screams filled the whole room as One Direction leaped out, I stood up screaming as soon as Niall did his jump. He looked down at my row, as if he was looking for someone? His eyes went straight to seat 2. I waved and he waved back. Niall Horan just waved at me! "It was like na na na, and we're like yeah yeah yeah" I screamed as loud as I ever had before. They sang a few songs then they said that people from the crowd could ask them questions. Before I even thought about it I called out "how has your day been Niall?" the whole room went silent. My cheeks were on fire. He looked straight down at me. "Very well thank you what about you?" He replied in his beautiful accent. "amazing thank you" I blushed. For the rest of the concert I could feel his eyes on me and as it came to the end of the concert in one of his solos he sat down on the edge of the stage right infront of me. Girls around me were screaming his name and trying to grab him, but I just sat, staring into his eyes and listening to his lovely voice. As the show ended he mimed 'stay here'. I turned round to see who he was talking to but no one was looking at him. I turned back to face him and he was looking at me. I nodded and sat down on my seat. Everyone started to leave. At first I thought he wasn't coming and as soon as I stood up something touched my hair. 'Ahh!' I screamed and turned around to see Niall standing infront of me. My heart was in my mouth. "H-hi N-N-Niall. S-sorry I didn't s-see you there." He must think I'm a complete idiot! "It's fine" he smiled back. "Alyx, I couldn't stop looking at you during the concert." Oh no. My cheeks were burning again. I smiled, flattered. "Would you like to come and have dinner with the band?" I said that it would be lovely. "Niall where are you? Your going to miss dinner..." Liam came around the corner of the stage. "Oh. Hello" he said kindly to me. "Hi Liam! I'm A-" "This is Alyx" Niall answered. "She is going to have dinner with us." "Nice! Come quick before it's all gone! It's pizza!" Liam proclaimed. "Yummy!" Niall and I both said together. During that conversation I hadn't noticed that Niall had moved surprisingly close to me and he had his arm around my waist! Of course, I wouldn't complain! "Niall? Just curious, but how do you know me name?" I asked. "Twitter." He laughed then he grabbed my hand and rushed backstage.

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