-this is my first fanfic, so sorry if it's not too good!-
Alyx has been dreaming about One Direction ever since they came 3rd on the X Factor. Now, at her first One Direction concert, one of the band members notices her and invites her backstage. They become close, but will they become more than friends? And what happens when Alyx finds out one of the other band members likes her a bit more than he should? Will it all be a happy ending for Alyx and the love of her life? Or will her dreams come crashing down on her?


2. New York

It was a long journey to New York so Katie and I listened to music (One Direction obviously) for nearly the whole way.

Once we arrived at the airport we had to go through customs again which took ages! I had promised my parents that when we had arrived I would call them so I gave them a quick call before getting on a taxi to our hotel. 

The hotel was magical. It had lights all outside, fancy furniture, a pool, and the comfiest bed sheets ever. "Wow" I whispered under my breath, We got to our suite then got ready for the pool. It was pretty busy so we had to wait for a while before we could finally grab a sun bed. "This is the life!" Katie exclaimed after lying down. I nodded back to her. after a few hours at the pool we lazily went back to our suite and got into out pjs. The warm sun was starting to fade now so we decided to head to bed as we both had jetlag. We were sharing a room with two single beds. We hopped into bed and started talking about One Direction. I picked up my phone and gazed at my gorgeous screen saver of Niall. Katie did the same but her fancy was on Harry. She notices 3 messages from her mum. She sat up immediately. "Katie? Katie what is it?" "I can't make the concert." she answered. My face fell. "Katie we are in New York, we have the tickets, you can't change your mind! Why? What is it?" "I have to go home," she burst into tears.

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