-this is my first fanfic, so sorry if it's not too good!-
Alyx has been dreaming about One Direction ever since they came 3rd on the X Factor. Now, at her first One Direction concert, one of the band members notices her and invites her backstage. They become close, but will they become more than friends? And what happens when Alyx finds out one of the other band members likes her a bit more than he should? Will it all be a happy ending for Alyx and the love of her life? Or will her dreams come crashing down on her?


3. Alone.

Katie handed me her phone. I read the text, tears welling up in my eyes. 'Karie, darling. I'm very sorry to have to text you this but, your papa is in hospital. He had a stroke last night. I know you have been looking forwards to One Direction for a while now but your papa could not have long left. I have spoken to Alyx's mum and she said she wouldn'y mind if she stayed, went to the concert, but then came straight home.'

I looked up at Katie. her sheet was soaking wet. I got out of bed and gave her a massive hug.

*next morning*

"Have you got everything?" I called through to Katie. "Yes" she replied sadly. We were going to the airport early this morning to get Katie's plane. I had promised her that I would record most of the concert to send to her.

*2 hours later*

"Bye Alyx! Have a great time! Text me everyday!" Katie called to me as she went through the doors of the airport. "Sure will!" I called back. "Send all my love to your family!" We waved until she disappeared. My smile slowly faded as I walked outside. Whatt do I do now? The concert isn't until tomorrow! Before I thought about what I would do I got a taxi to the hotel. I thought that maybe I would just catch up on some sleep.

*24 hours later*

I looked up at my clock '11:45'. "Urrrgggg" I complained. I got my laptop out of my bag and went on Twitter to find that One Direction were doing a TwitCam! I immediately joined to see that it was Niall and Liam. They were talking about the show at 4 today. Without a second thought I typed in 'I'm going there! I'm going to be in the first row! Seat 2!" To my surprise I clicked enter Niall mentioned me! My followers shot up in a flash! Sadly Niall and Liam had to go now so I shut off my computer. Oh. My. Gosh. Niall had actually seen my post! I lay back on my bed and excitement rushed through me about tonight. It was going to be amazing!

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