A Thousand Years

Ella and Matt have been bestfriends for 12 years. Now that they're 17 - will they get into a more serious relationship?


2. Over the road

The next day I woke up really late and it was already gone noon as I grinned as I remembered it was the start of the summer holidays. I jumped out of bed and dragged open my curtains to reveal a stream of sunline pouring through my room. I looked at the beach, sea and pier which I literally lived straight opposite and smiled. I had a quick shower, put on a cute little baby blue summer dress with some sandals, did my makeup and let my hair go naturally wavy. 'Morning mum!' I greeted my mum in the kitchen as I sat down. 'Morning sweetie! What are you doing today?' My mum asked. 'Not sure, i'll go over and see what Matt's doing now I think' I asked. I ran over the road and knocked on Matt's door. 'Hey Matt, what are you doing today, fancy coming to the beach?' I asked him quickly. He laughed at my eagerness and nodded. 'Okay then, meet me out here in 10 minutes?' I nodded and went back over the road to my own house.

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