A Thousand Years

Ella and Matt have been bestfriends for 12 years. Now that they're 17 - will they get into a more serious relationship?


5. First party of summer

When we got to the party, Lily and James just starting kissing straight away so me and Matt were left to basically get shitfaced and drink all the alchohol we could. By midnight we were both smashed. 'Ella, come with me' He slurred as he whispered in my ear, gently pulling me by the arm to the back of this kid's garden. We sat on the little bench and I waited for Matt to talk. 'Ella, I need to tell you something' He mumbled drunkenly. I laughed, knowing it would be some drunken lie. 'I've known you for 12 years.. and in those 12 years.. i've loved you with all my heart' He mumbled. I dropped my drink and my heart started pounding. 'Matt, your drunk what are you saying..' I replied quietly. He shook his head, took my hands and looked me in the eyes. 'Ella, I love you' and at the moment - I knew he was telling the truth, so I replied. 'I love you too Matt' He gently stroked my cheek and ran his hands through my hair before encasing his lips on mine and it's never felt so right.

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