A Thousand Years

Ella and Matt have been bestfriends for 12 years. Now that they're 17 - will they get into a more serious relationship?


4. All the same

Me and Matt saw each other basicallly everyday, normally catching up with Lily and James aswell. We went to the beach or the pier or just hung out at each others houses. My mum had gone to visit her friend in Australia for a year and Matt's mum was staying in America for a while so seeing as we're 17 - we can pretty much do what we like. All 4 of us have sleepovers round mine or Matt's usually - as long as Lily and James don't..try anything. One morning me and Matt we're sitting on the pier dangling our legs off the edge when he got a text. 'Hey, there's a party tonight!' He grinned. I smiled in agreement. The first summer party was always the best. That's when you find out who your most probably going to end up with getting off with at the parties. 'That'll be good' I said quietly. Matt nodded in agreement. 'Well, i'm gonna go and find something to wear, i'll see you later!' I shouted as I ran off the pier and home.

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