A Thousand Years

Ella and Matt have been bestfriends for 12 years. Now that they're 17 - will they get into a more serious relationship?


1. Spanish

I walked slowly through the corridors on my own, taking my time getting to Spanish. I was in no hurry. I pushed open the squeaky door and sighed as I sat in my seat at the back. I leant on my elbows as I messily wrote the date and dropped my pen on my book. I was bored already, why did I even take spanish? I sighed again and concentrated on the raindrops falling down the window for a bit until I heard the familiar squeak of the door open again. 'Sorry i'm late, Miss!' I heard the familiar sound of my bestfriend Matt run through the door and crash down next to me. 'Did I miss anything?' He winked at me as he joked around. 'No, just same old spanish! I replied. The lesson went fast and we packed up slowly and walked home together as we lived opposite each other. We caught up with our other friends Lily and James who were actually dating. They were so cute together though..a part of me wishes I could have that..with Matt? No, what am I saying, Matt's my bestfriend! Even though all the girls stare at him as if he's some kind of god (and he is pretty gorgeous) he is completely unaware of it. I sighed as I carried on walking down the road and got to my house. 'Well, i'll probably see you tomorrow then!' Matt said cheerfully and gave me a quick hug. 'See you later!' I called as I went into my house.

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