The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


5. What the heck just happened

I wait for the gun to shoot me closing my eyes, seconds later I open my eyes searching around me for any bullets none I look at Azisha she concentrates hardly deep breathing but alive.

"Stay behind me" Azisha ordered.

"They'll shoot us" I moaned.

"Stay behind me" Azisha repeated.

"It's not fair I'm dying without ever kissing a girl and" I exclaimed. Azisha glanced at me pressed her lips on mine.

"Happy" She mumbled shoving me behind her. Before I could say anything guns shots began firing at us. I looked at Azisha she was glowing brightly, gold lights around her, her auburn hair flew in the wind.

"We don't have to do this" one soldier reasoned.

"No we do" Azisha replied shooting a ball of red thing at him. He exploded, I watched him stand one second the next gone.

"Now who's next" Azisha shouted.

"You don't have to do this" I whispered but I could see Azisha wasn't listening. Minutes later all the soldiers were dead, the only thing remaining of them was blood.

"You killed all those innocent people" I shouted angrily. How could she do this killing those people even if they wanted to kill us? they have homes family.

"Innocent" Azisha screamed.

"They have homes, families unlike you" I screamed back then regretting what I said. I watched Azisha shocked face, tears trickling from her eyes.

"I didn't mean it" I apologised.

"Yes you did, yes I have no home or family but those people they kill innocent people everyday my people, they leave people like me alone" Azisha yelled.

"Well I might of but" I began to say.

"No I get it, I'm just a orphan with no parents or families why would I know but I do, my sister was killed and I had to watch her screaming" Azisha cried.

"I had no idea" I mumbled before I can ask her a image appears. A pretty blonde haired girl about 15 years old walking hand in hand with her sister a younger girl about 10 years old with auburn air. Then a man grabs her and rapes her, all this time her sister standing there.

"Your next" the man growled peering at the younger girl.

"No, run Azisha" the blonde haired sister cried tears falling from her eyes next thing you know the man gets a gun and shoots her. The auburn haired girl flees quickly for the second time in her life she's all alone.

I watch Azisha wiping her tears.

"I'm" I mumbled, I didn't know all this happening to her at such a young age.

"Just leave me alone" she yelled running off.

What the heck just happened?

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