The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


2. The Girl

I woke up startled, I was lying on a plush purple couch, I rubbed my eyes anxiously, where was I? A purple blanket covered my body. I tried to stand up but my body ached in pain. I looked around to see a girl standing there.

"Where am I?" I enquired. The brunette haired girl walked toward me then sat on the edge of the couch.

"I found you lying unconscious so I brought you to my home, I'm Azisha" the brunette girl spoke.

"I'm Jude, thank you for saving me" I replied. I looked at my hands all the pale foundation was off.

"I'm sorry but I had to treat your wounds and your make up ran off but I have some eye-liner if you want" Azisha apologised handing me black eye-liner. I applied it carefully my eyes meeting Azisha consistently.

"How can I ever repay you" I enquired.

"You could help me you see, I'm not from round here" she began to say.

"What do you mean" I asked surprised.

"My name is Azisha and I am the princess of the other world but I need your help you see, my uncle stole my kingdom and killed my parents and I need your help" Azisha mumbled.

"What" I exclaimed. How could this all be true? other world princess, what?

"You have to believe me, I need your help please" she asked tears brimming from her eyes; she twisted a sapphire blue ring on her finger anxiously, biting her lips.

"Ok, I'll help you" I answered.

"Thank you" Azisha replied hugging me. What had I gotten myself into?


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