The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


4. The boy

We kept on walking farther and farther it felt like we were going in circles, everywhere we looked it looked the same, dead. It didn't help that the rain was pouring heavily like cats and dogs. I realised that whenever Azisha saw something personal from an tree she used to climb when little she would cry. I guessed that she must be remembering her childhood from here; I want to smash her uncle face for causing her so much pain and agony.

After walking in circles for 2 hours well 2 hours I think my legs ached and I just wanted to be in bed. I was going to ask Azisha to have a rest and maybe magic me a bed but Azisha froze.

"Look" Azisha exclaimed pointing at something. I looked to see what had she found that caused her exclaiming then saw it was just a boy playing with a ball. Before I had time to ask Azisha so she began pelting towards the boy.

"Wait for me" I sighed running as fast as possible my legs numb and painful. When Azisha stopped I did also, I wiped the rain from my hair. I peered at the boy behind Azisha thinking why did Azisha run to him?

The boy looked normal he had fair skin with gold freckles, sapphire blue eyes pale sandy blonde hair and was wearing what looked like a coat suit, he kind of looked like a prince. He looked at me when he saw I was looking at him, he grunted with no interest then his eyes fell on Azisha he looked at her curiously even blinking his eyes repeatedly.

"Azisha" he whispered like he couldn't believe she was here. How did he know Azisha? Before I could ask Azisha she hugged him.

"Prince" Azisha exclaimed crying. What a great coincidence having a name like Prince just figures some people look like their name. Prince and Azisha broke their embrace; Azisha wiped the tears off her face then looked at me like she's forgotten I was there.

"Prince this is my friend Jude he's helping me on a mission and has been a great friend so far, Jude this is Prince my childhood friend" Azisha introduced.

"What mission" Prince asked curiously.

"None of your business" I mumbled, he didn't have to know what we were doing. I didn't even like the look of him, he looked like a mirror image of me but handsomer. I tugged Azisha arm, I didn't want him near her he made me feel unsafe. Azisha glared at me. Prince glanced at me ignoring the comment then looked back to Azisha.

"Azisha how can you be alive your uncle made us all believe that you were dead with your family killed by bandits" Prince enquired.

"Bandits" I laughed. Azisha looked at me then back to Prince.

"Long story, bandits huh" she murmured. Suddenly Azisha rang began vibrating, I watched Azisha grab my arm the began walking back.

"Where your going, Azisha" Prince roared then he exploded. Suddenly groups of men walked in all dressed in black, guns in their arms, they looked at Azisha curiously. They grabbed their guns and pointed it at Azisha.

"Don't move" they ordered.

"Guess what we have here" one of the soldiers whispered to someone, then I saw a black object in his hand, looked like a communication device. Before I could ask Azisha what was happening, I heard a gun shot.

"Trap" Azisha exclaimed.

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