The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


3. Other World

Azisha glances at me then looks back at the portrait. I glance at the portrait it had a picture of a familiar girl. I looked at Azisha again her eyes concentrated that's when it hit me. The portrait was of her. Before I could ask Azisha about it. I felt the world spin, I try and stand conscious but the darkness hits me.

Next thing I know I'm sleeping on the hard brown rocks. I open my eyes the whole world looks dark. The rocks all look curled and horrid. I see a boy chained up to a rock, I try and walk up to him but some one touches my shoulder. I turn around to see Azisha tears brim in her eyes and I can see her trying hard not to cry.

"Is this" I began to say. But I can see from the look on her face that it is.

"How" I enquired.

"My uncle he's got dark magic and look what he's done to the kingdom  all it's beauty is gone the flowers" Azisha began to say. I look around thinking how could something like this be a beauty but then I see Azisha glaring at me. I look through her eyes and see a kingdom like this but different.

That kingdom had beautiful rocks and waterfalls, pretty scented flowers everywhere, people looking happy then the kingdom. It was made of gold and silver inside there was a middle aged man and woman and in there hands was a beautiful baby with gorgeous brunette hair and emerald eyes then the picture dissolves. I look at Azisha, tears trickling from her eyes.

"I'm so sorry" I mumbled.

"He destroyed the kingdom and people, do you know how he killed my parents" Azisha asked. Before I can answer another picture appears the same middle aged woman combs a beautiful brunette haired girl, with curious emerald colour eyes. The girl began singing when the middle aged man run in red faced. He shouts something to the middle aged woman, the middle aged woman starts crying then tells the brunette girl to hide.

First the brunette haired girl complains then the middle aged man and woman kiss the girl and gives her a sapphire blue ring and hides her in the closet.

Next thing you know a man walks in about 30 year old with dark blue hair a knife in his hand he stabs the middle aged man and he falls on the floor. The middle aged woman cry's and begs for mercy but the blue haired man twist her throat then the middle aged woman drops dead at the same time the brunette haired girl is watching.

The blue haired man is then followed by a young boy and other men they discuss something about the dead and drag the body away. All this time the brunette haired girl watches this and cries for her dead parents. Then the picture dissolves.

I look at Azisha she sits on the ball sobbing her heart. I do something I never did before, I walk towards her and sits beside her and put my arm around her shoulder. I thought my life was terrible; this girl suffered loads more, witnessing her parent's death. For Jude he wasn't there to watch his mum die. Poor Azisha having to watch her mother's dead.

"Don't worry Azisha, I'm here" I whisper. She looks at me tears lay on her cheeks. I wipe her tears; she looks at me then puts her head on my shoulder.

"It hurts so much" Azisha moaned painfully.

"It's ok" I comfort her and watch her eyelids close and drift to sleep. I'll be here Azisha; I will hurt those who destroyed your life.

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