The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


6. Found You

Azisha P.O.V

How could he say that to me? I'm not heartless really I'm not. Maybe crazy, spoilt, egg headed anything but heartless. I wouldn't kill innconent people. Every time when I killed someone even a soldier it hurt, But I have to remember what my father told me

To Save yourself and the kingdom killing someone is not wrong

Suddenly an image comes to me:

A young me about 6 years of age fighting  with her 10 year old sister who is pulling my younger self pigtails, I laugh at the memory. 

"Daddy, Paige is hurting me" a young me cries out.

"Did not" Paige my big sister shouted. I envied her with jealousy she was pretty skinny, blonde haired like Mommy and had the voice of an angel.

"Then hit your sister Azisha" my father ordered.

"What" a young me stammered confused.

"I said hit your sister" my father shouted. 

I nodded my head and slapped my sister on the cheek, she burst into tears, held her cheek painfully and ran to mother. I suddenly regret hitting Paige and nearly cry. Suddenly my dad sits beside me, I didn't even notice him.

"Do you know why I told you to hit your sister" my father enquired. I shake my head confused.

"My father told me that to protect yourself, the people you love and the kingdom killing people is not wrong" my father told me like a wise man. I nodded my head dumbly, I understood father's wise words and knew whatever he said was right. Father was right and whatever he does or says is right.

I shake my head and the image disappears  suddenly I'm just me again walking lonely in the sand. I wipe a tear off my face, oh daddy how much I miss you, Mommy and Paige so much.

Why did you all leave me? I want to come with you. I missed them so much even Paige right know I would do anything for her to pull my hair or call me baby sha or wet nappy. I felt like a big baby but on the inside I am such a baby. I may look like a strong girl but inside I'm weak, my whole life been painful all the people I should be with, killed. Never given love, I suddenly wish I could become a little girl again and snuggle up to mummy, she would sing her lullaby about me.

My child full of beauty and light,

bringing light to the darkness.

no one can hurt her, my little bambitto,

may angel sing with her, singing sweet lullaby.

may god protect my child even in the dark times,

My little bambitto go to sleep.

Mommy will be there for you.

In darkness she will rise,

saving all wit her little eye.

May no one harm my angel,

for she is so sweet.

She does nothing wrong,

protect her when I can't.

Loving you my sweet baby.

I fell my Mommy her sweet voice echoing in the night, for her me and Paige were her priceless diamonds  we were beautiful, whenever I needed some one I knew she would be there for me. Now is the darkness but how can I be the light? When I go in darkness to Mommy? Who will save me?

Mommy where are you know? you promised you'd be with me forever but where are you now? when I need you. Are you, daddy and Paige in heaven having a good time, don't you miss me Mommy  Why did you all have to leave me? don't you miss me too Mommy. Do you still remember me Mommy your little bambitto.

Maybe I was a bit too hard on Jude still he had no right to hurt me, still he was a kid and I missed him a lot, I didn't want to lose him too. I had enough of losing people and missing the love. I had to go and find Jude, I'll beg on his feet just for him to forgive me. Suddenly I felt strong large arms on my shoulder; I struggled in pain trying to kick my capturer.

"Found you" a familiar voice snarled menacingly.

I didn't have to guess to know whose voice it was, him the one that killed my family. I had to protect Jude from him. I bit my necklace and threw it on the sand, save me Jude. I need you please, of course he'll save me.

"Jude" I whisper painfully. Suddenly I feel my eyes drifting into darkness.

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